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Pubget PaperStore is a one-stop source for buying PDFs of journal articles from nearly any publisher. If you can't get a paper through your library, PaperStore can get it for you from our copyright-compliant inventory.

How does PaperStore work?

PaperStore offers same day electronic delivery of the papers you need, via email, worldwide. We have an inventory of 30 million papers from all major publishers, including both English and foreign language journals — if you see the green "Buy" button on, we can get the paper for you. Ordering is a simple three-step process:

Search for any paper at Buy by clicking the green button Get via email

Why don't I see the green "Buy" button?

Sometimes our reprints provider isn't able to deliver your paper. This can happen when they don't have enough information to track it down which sometimes occurs with older publications. This can also happen for specific publishers who opt out of reselling their content.

How do I get my paper?

After you place your order we'll send you an email that contains a download link for your article's PDF. Most articles are delivered within minutes or hours depending on the publisher's responsiveness: Forty percent of PaperStore orders are delivered in 40 minutes or sooner and eighty percent are delivered within 24 hours.

Where does my paper come from, and how are prices set?

Papers are supplied by Reprints Desk, a distributor of full text documents directly from the major publishers. If no button to buy shows up, that means the PDF isn't available from Reprints Desk. PaperStore prices include the copyright cost of the document as set by its publisher plus a small service fee for sourcing and delivering the article to you.

I'm looking for a paper, and I'm ready to get started

Go to and paste your citation data into the search bar. If there's a green button we've got it and you'll be given the option to buy.