Time is money. Save on both.

Papers mean progress and discovery, but today's research tools deliver problems and dead-ends. Search misses key content, subscriptions go unused, and researchers buy the same paper multiple times. How do you help them access and share papers, so projects go faster? Pubget's PDF PaperStream and collaboration services are the answer.

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Search, store, and share—from anywhere.

Pubget PaperStream and Collaboration services deliver PDFs instantaneously in a single integrated environment, from your internal folders and servers, your journal subscriptions, open access documents, and link resolvers.

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Secure and seamless.

Seamlessly build workgroups from search results with a simple drag-and drop-interface. All this while maintaining state-of-the-art rights compliance.

Bottom line
Achieve a 40x ROI.

Customers have saved up to $200,000 by eliminating redundant document delivery orders and realized up to a 40x ROI through time savings and accelerated discovery.