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  1. Safe womanhood is not safe motherhood: policy implications.

    Health Care for Women International 26(6):464 (2005) PMID 16020014

    The world continues to be unsafe for girls and women. Although natural disasters and man-made disasters make the world unsafe for all people, the gender divide further compromises safety of women. In addition to being at higher risk for violence, rape, trafficking, and abuse, women's injury and mort...
  2. Professionalism, Work Ethic, and Empathy in Nursing: The Nurse Self-Description Form

    Western Journal of Nursing Research 4(4):407 (1982)

  3. Expanding the visibility of women's work: Policy implications

    Nursing Outlook 45(6):258 (1997)

  4. Multiple role stress and patterns of coping of Egyptian women in clerical jobs.

    Journal of Transcultural Nursing 14(2):125 (2003) PMID 12772621

    Egyptian women are increasingly becoming a significant work force; however, many of these women continue to occupy low-income jobs. In the study reported here, 190 women in Egypt employed in clerical jobs were asked about the satisfaction and stress they experience in their work and maternal roles....
  5. Preface: Women's Work, Health and Quality of Life: It Is Time We Redefine Women's Work

    Women & Health 33(1):15 (2001)

  6. Special section on cultural competency.

    Journal of Professional Nursing 24(3):131 (2008) PMID 18504024

  7. The graduate dilemma: the Kuwaiti experience

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  8. Effect of modernization on Kuwaiti women

    Social Science & Medicine 16(9):965 (1982)

    This research explores the effects of rapid modernization on women who, on one hand, have new educational and occupational opportunities and, on the other hand, still confront conservative societal restrictions based on Middle Eastern norms and values. The setting is the Sheikdom of Kuwait, sym...
  9. Meanings of Menopause to Korean Immigrant Women

    Western Journal of Nursing Research 22(1):84 (2000)

  10. Facilitating transitions: Redefinition of the nursing mission

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