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    Stepping up from leadership is a protracted transition that involves a complex set of interactions with many constituents. It begins with making the personal decision to step up to integrating the role of the dean in existing repertoire of roles that the person enacts. Deliberate planning, aware...
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    The world continues to be unsafe for girls and women. Although natural disasters and man-made disasters make the world unsafe for all people, the gender divide further compromises safety of women. In addition to being at higher risk for violence, rape, trafficking, and abuse, women's injury and ...
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    Egyptian women are increasingly becoming a significant work force; however, many of these women continue to occupy low-income jobs. In the study reported here, 190 women in Egypt employed in clerical jobs were asked about the satisfaction and stress they experience in their work and maternal rol...
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    There is a paucity of models that drive integrated research agendas, and coherent approaches to development and progress of knowledge about women's health. In this article, we review four major models of women's health, present conditions supporting more integrative and coherent models of women'...
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    Gender equity and equality in health and human development are key national and international goals. To achieve these goals, the androcentric definition of work needs to be addressed. The current definition is driven by the globalized capitalistic model, which equates "work" with generating inco...
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