1. Fates of trees damaged by logging in Amazonian Bolivia

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    Graphical abstract [Display omitted]
  2. Effects of road infrastructure on forest value across a tri-national Amazonian frontier

    Biological Conservation 191:674 (2015)

    Road construction demonstrably accelerates deforestation rates in tropical forests, but its consequences for forest degradation remain less clear. We estimated a series of forest value metrics including components of biodiversity, carbon stocks, and timber and non-timber forest product...
  3. Rapid tree carbon stock recovery in managed Amazonian forests

    Current Biology 25(20):2738 (2015)

  4. Rapid tree carbon stock recovery in managed Amazonian forests.

    Current Biology 25(18):R787 (2015) PMID 26394096

    While around 20% of the Amazonian forest has been cleared for pastures and agriculture, one fourth of the remaining forest is dedicated to wood production. Most of these production forests have been or will be selectively harvested for commercial timber, but recent studies show that even soon af...