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  1. Electrogenerated Bases IV1. Reaction of Electrogenerated Superoxide With Some Carbon Acids

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    Chemical Engineering Communications 18(5):331 (1982)

  3. Synthesis of cadmium arsenide quantum dots luminescent in the infrared.

    Journal of the American Chemical Society 133(13):4676 (2011) PMID 21388210

    We present the synthesis of Cd(3)As(2) colloidal quantum dots luminescent from 530 to 2000 nm. Previous reports on quantum dots emitting in the infrared are primarily limited to the lead chalcogenides and indium arsenide. This work expands the availability of high quality infrared emitters.
  4. A preliminary investigation of the thermal energy flux in a dense medium

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  5. Distribution and Metabolism of Diphenylhydantoin in Oral and Nonoral Tissues of Ferrets

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  6. Making antigen presentable.

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  7. Investigation of indium phosphide nanocrystal synthesis using a high-temperature and high-pressure continuous flow microreactor.

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  8. Knowledge, Ignorance, and Learning

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  9. Inhibition of an in vitro CD4+ T cell alloresponse using altered peptide ligands.

    Journal of Immunology 160(7):3244 (1998) PMID 9531280

    We explore the potential of altered peptide ligands (APLs) to modulate the alloresponse of CD4+ T cells using elements of the murine hemoglobin (Hb) Ag model. We first demonstrated that the T cell 2.102, specific for the Hb(64-76)/I-Ek complex, was alloreactive against splenocytes of the H-2p haplot...
  10. Modelling the Coevolution of Communications and Socio-economic Structure

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