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  1. Southville jewish community center, inc.: A case study

    Nonprofit management and leadership 7(2):193 (2006)

  2. A peptide-morpholino oligomer conjugate targeting Staphylococcus aureus gyrA mRNA improves healing in an infected mouse cutaneous wound mode...

    International Journal of Pharmaceutics 453(2):651 (2013) PMID 23727592 PMCID PMC3756894

    We combined PMO conjugates with a thermoresponsive gel delivery system to treat full-thickness mouse cutaneous wounds infected with S. aureus. Wounds treated with a single dose of PMO conjugate displayed improved healing that was associated with increased epithelialization, reduced bacterial load, a...
  3. Hot topics in international emergency medicine.

    Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America 23(1):57 (2005) PMID 15663974

    The Global Burden of Disease report published in 1996 predicted that by 2020 the majority of illness burden globally will be from in-juries, mental illness, and chronic diseases. Patients with many of the disorders leading the list frequently require emergent care. This article provides a brief lite...
  4. The outlook for hospital spending.

    Health Affairs 22(6):12 (2003) PMID 14649429

    We contend that the forces driving current hospital expenditures are more likely to continue than they are to abate. If current trends continue, real hospital spending per capita will increase 75 percent between 2002 and 2012, and the demand for hospital beds will increase considerably. We discuss n...
  5. Knowledge and attitudes of Arizona high-school coaches regarding oral-facial injuries and mouthguard use among athletes.

    Journal of the American Dental Association 129(10):1425 (1998) PMID 9787539

    The authors assessed high-school athletic coaches' perceptions about oral-facial injuries and mouthguard use in sports that do not mandate mouthguard use. About 72 percent of the coaches said that their athletes sustained oral-facial injuries, 28 percent that some athletes used mouthguards regularly...
  6. Ensuring quality care: what do you get for your money?

    Journal For Healthcare Quality 20(5):16 (1998) PMID 10185717

    In the rush to produce balanced scorecards and outcomes measures, managed care organizations must recognize the need to better assess the clinical competencies of their contracted skilled nursing facilities. Health plan quality management staffs, although composed of gifted professionals, generally...
  7. Fluorescence properties of a tryptophan residue in an aromatic core of the protein subunit of ribonuclease P from Escherichia coli.

    Journal of Molecular Biology 267(4):765 (1997) PMID 9135109

    We have determined that the 318 nm maximum could be the result of a complex formed in the excited state as a result of hydrophobic interactions between Trp109, Phe18 and Phe73. The analogous tryptophan fluorescence emission spectra of wild-type C5 protein and the barstar mutant W38F/W44F, taken toge...
  8. Modelling the generation of long-term neuronal activity underlying behaviour.

    Progress in Neurobiology 45(4):361 (1995) PMID 7624483

  9. Portal Vein Thrombolysis and Closure of Competitive Shunts Following Liver Transplantation

    Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 5(4):611 (1994)

  10. Stimulation of vascular glycosaminoglycan synthesis by subpressor angiotensin II in rats.

    Hypertension 23(1 Suppl):I148 (1994) PMID 8282346

    The vascular trophic effects of angiotensin II (Ang II) in small doses may precede its hypertension-producing effect, and de novo synthesis of components of extracellular matrix may be a requirement for Ang II-stimulated growth. In the present study, therefore, the incorporation of 35SO4 into glycos...