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  1. Southville jewish community center, inc.: A case study

    Nonprofit management and leadership 7(2):193 (2006)

  2. Functional genomics of a generalist parasitic plant: Laser microdissection of host-parasite interface reveals host-specific patterns of para...

    BMC Plant Biology 13:9 (2013) PMID 23302495 PMCID PMC3636017

    We compare de novo assembled transcriptomes generated from laser micro-dissected tissues at the host-parasite interface to uncover details of the largely uncharacterized interaction between parasitic plants and their hosts. The interaction of Triphysaria with the distantly related hosts Zea mays and...
  3. State and federal benefits for children with special healthcare needs.

    Pediatric Annals 39(4):240 (2010) PMID 20411903

  4. Chemistry. CO prefers the aisle seat.

    Science 327(5967):789 (2010) PMID 20150472

  5. Effective inhibition of influenza virus production in cultured cells by external guide sequences and ribonuclease P.

    PNAS 95(13):7327 (1998) PMID 9636148 PMCID 22606

    The polymerase (PB2) and nucleocapsid (NP) genes encoded by the genome of influenza virus are essential for replication of the virus. When synthetic genes that express RNAs for external guide sequences targeted to the mRNAs of the PB2 and NP genes are stably incorporated into mouse cells in tissue c...
  6. Rpp2, an essential protein subunit of nuclear RNase P, is required for processing of precursor tRNAs and 35S precursor rRNA in Saccharomyces...

    PNAS 95(12):6716 (1998) PMID 9618478 PMCID PMC22609

    These results demonstrate that Rpp2 is a protein subunit of nuclear RNase P that is functionally conserved in eukaryotes from yeast to humans....
  7. Panss symptom factors in schizophrenia-31

    Schizophrenia Research 24(1):15 (1997)

  8. Selection of guide sequences that direct efficient cleavage of mRNA by human ribonuclease P.

    Science 263(5151):1269 (1994) PMID 8122108

    Any RNA, when in a complex with another oligoribonucleotide known as an external guide sequence (EGS), can become a substrate for ribonuclease P. Simulation of evolution in vitro was used to select EGSs that bind tightly to a target substrate messenger RNA and that increase the efficiency of cleavag...
  9. Health system reform: let's not miss our chance.

    Health Affairs 13(1):69 (1994) PMID 8188158

    Support for reform is at its highest level, but criticism of President Bill Clinton's plan is widespread. Nevertheless, the core components of the Clinton plan should be supported. These include (1) building on existing employer-based health insurance with a mandate that employers offer coverage to...
  10. Kinetics of the processing of the precursor to 4·5 S RNA, a naturally occurring substrate for RNase P fromEscherichia coli

    Journal of Molecular Biology 221(1):1 (1991) PMID 1717693

    A study was made of the cleavage by M1 RNA and RNase P of a non-tRNA precursor that can serve as a substrate for RNase P from Escherichia coli, namely, the precursor to 4·5 S RNA (p4·5S). The overall efficiency of cleavage of p4·5S by RNase P is similar to that of wild-type tRNA precurso...