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  1. Stochastic specification of primordial germ cells from mesoderm precursors in axolotl embryos.

    Development 141(12):2429 (2014) PMID 24917499 PMCID PMC4050694

    We studied PGC specification in embryos from the axolotl (Mexican salamander), a model for the tetrapod ancestor. In the axolotl, PGCs develop within mesoderm, and classic studies have reported their induction from primitive ectoderm (animal cap). We used an axolotl animal cap system to demonstrate...
  2. DNA mismatch repair gene MSH6 implicated in determining age at natural menopause.

    Human Molecular Genetics 23(9):2490 (2014) PMID 24357391 PMCID PMC3976329

    We have used genome-wide association in a bivariate meta-analysis of both traits to identify genes involved in determining reproductive lifespan. We observed significant genetic correlation between the two traits using genome-wide complex trait analysis. However, we found no robust statistical evide...
  3. Prioritising anticancer drugs for environmental monitoring and risk assessment purposes.

    Science of The Total Environment 473-474:159 (2014) PMID 24369294

    Anticancer drugs routinely used in chemotherapy enter wastewater through the excretion of the non-metabolised drug following administration to patients. This study considers the consumption and subsequent behaviour and occurrence of these chemicals in aquatic systems, with the aim of prioritising a...
  4. Lipid metabolism, oxidative stress and cell death are regulated by PKC delta in a dietary model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

    PLoS ONE 9(1):e85848 (2014) PMID 24454937 PMCID PMC3893275

    We therefore addressed the role of PKCδ in the development of steatosis, inflammation, oxidative stress, apoptosis, and fibrosis in an animal model of NASH. We fed PKCδ(-/-) mice and wildtype littermates a control or MCD diet. PKCδ(-/-) primary hepatocytes were used to evaluate the direct effects of...
  5. The reproducibility of 31-phosphorus MRS measures of muscle energetics at 3 Tesla in trained men.

    PLoS ONE 7(6):e37237 (2012) PMID 22701564 PMCID PMC3372482

    We recruited fifteen trained men (VO(2)peak = 4.7±0.8 L min(-1)/58±8 mL kg(-1) min(-1)) and performed duplicate MR experiments during plantar flexion exercise, three weeks apart. Measures of resting phosphorus metabolites were reproducible, with 1.7 mM the smallest detectable difference in phosphocr...
  6. Levels of connectivity between longnose skate (Dipturus oxyrinchus) in the Mediterranean Sea and the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean

    Conservation Genetics 12(2):577 (2011)

  7. A temporary stereocentre approach for the asymmetric synthesis of chiral cyclopropane-carboxaldehydes.

    Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 7(17):3537 (2009) PMID 19675911

    A novel way of combining chiral auxiliaries and substrate directable reactions is described that employs a three-step sequence of aldol/cyclopropanation/retro-aldol reactions for the asymmetric synthesis of enantiopure cyclopropane-carboxaldehydes. In the first step, reaction of the boron enolate of...
  8. Incorporating biological knowledge in the search for gene x gene interaction in genome-wide association studies.

    BMC Proceedings 3 Suppl 7(Suppl 7):S81 (2009) PMID 20018077 PMCID PMC2795984

    We sought to find significant gene x gene interaction in a genome-wide association analysis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by performing pair-wise tests of interaction among collections of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) obtained by one of two methods. The first method involved screening the re...
  9. SNAP: a web-based tool for identification and annotation of proxy SNPs using HapMap.

    Journal of Gerontology 24(24):2938 (2008) PMID 18974171 PMCID PMC2720775

    We have developed a flexible bioinformatics query tool for single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to identify and to annotate nearby SNPs in linkage disequilibrium (proxies) based on HapMap. By offering functionality to generate graphical plots for these data, the SNAP server will facilitate interpr...
  10. Autumn Stopover Near The Gulf Of Honduras By Nearctic-Neotropic Migrants

    Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120(2):277 (2008)