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  1. Structural Study of the Reaction of Methylzinc Amino Alcoholates with Oxygen

    Organometallics 29(15):3318 (2010)

  2. Common variation in PHACTR1 is associated with susceptibility to cervical artery dissection.

    Nature Genetics 47(1):78 (2015) PMID 25420145

    We performed genome-wide association studies (GWAS) in 1,393 CeAD cases and 14,416 controls. The rs9349379[G] allele (PHACTR1) was associated with lower CeAD risk (odds ratio (OR) = 0.75, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.69-0.82; P = 4.46 × 10(-10)), with confirmation in independent follow-up sample...
  3. The "Spot Sign" secondary to a ruptured lenticulostriate artery aneurysm.

    Clinical Imaging 38(4):508 (2014) PMID 24629789

    We report a case of an 81-year-old man who presented with right basal ganglia hemorrhage and the "Spot Sign" on computed tomography angiography. Conventional angiography subsequently revealed a lenticulostriate artery aneurysm within the hematoma, which was treated with surgical clipping. This case...
  4. Mycophenolate antagonizes IFN-γ-induced catagen-like changes via β-catenin activation in human dermal papilla cells and hair follicles.

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 15(9):16800 (2014) PMID 25247578 PMCID PMC4200814

    We investigate the influence of mycophenolate (MPA), an immunosuppressant, on the proliferation of human dermal papilla cells (hDPCs) and on the growth of human hair follicles following catagen induction with interferon (IFN)-γ. IFN-γ was found to reduce β-catenin, an activator of hair follicle grow...
  5. Synthesis of heterobimetallic tungsten acetylacetonate/alkoxide complexes and their application as molecular precursors to metal tungstates

    Polyhedron 59:85 (2013)

    The structures of M2W2(O)2(acac)2(OMe)10 [M=Co (1), Ni (2), Mg (3), Zn (4)] have been determined and 1, 3 have been shown to act as single-source precursors for MWO4 materials.
  6. Antimicrobial surface grafted thermally responsive PNIPAM-co-ALA nano-gels.

    Chemical Communications 47(48):12777 (2011) PMID 22046590

    Thermally responsive Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) co-allylamine (PNIPAM-co-ALA) nano-gels were synthesised and grafted onto non-woven polypropylene. Silver nitrate was incorporated into the nano-gels in their expanded state and their antimicrobial properties tested. Bacterial growth was measured befo...
  7. Test implementation to evaluate technologies for safe lunar landing

    IEEE Aerospace Conference. Proceedings :1 (2011)

    From June 20 through July 7 of 2009, the Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) Exploration Technology Development Program carried out an aircraft field test over Moon like terrains to assess the use of sensors and algorithms being developed for autonomous, safe lunar landing. The...
  8. Association of serum adipocytokines with hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C.

    Digestion 83(1-2):32 (2011) PMID 20847561

    We profiled several adipokines, cytokines, and related soluble molecules in 99 HCV patients and analyzed their potential associations with hepatic steatosis and fibrosis. Serum leptin and IL-1RA were significantly higher in HCV genotype 1 as compared to genotype 3. On the other hand, serum resistin,...
  9. Evolution of germ cell development in tetrapods: comparison of urodeles and amniotes.

    Evolution and Development 11(5):603 (2009) PMID 19754716

    The embryonic development of germ cells in tetrapods is described, focusing on groups with the inductive mode of germ cell specification. In mammals PGCs are induced early in the gastrulation process, they are internalized with future extraembryonic mesoderm in the early posterior primitive streak,...
  10. Complementary techniques for the characterization of thin film Ti/Nb multilayers.

    Ultramicroscopy 109(10):1276 (2009) PMID 19553019

    An aberration corrector on the probe-forming lens of a scanning TEM (STEM) equipped with an electron energy-loss spectrometer (EELS) and X-ray energy-dispersive spectrometer (XEDS) has been employed to investigate the compositional variations as a function of length scale in nanoscale Ti/Nb metallic...