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  1. Postpartum hemoperitoneum due to rupture of a blood vessel on a uterine pseudo tumor: a case report.

    Pan African Medical Journal 16:57 (2013) PMID 24672628 PMCID PMC3964007

    We are reporting a case of hemoperitoneum followed by early post partum collapse due to bleeding from a ruptured vessel on the surface of an undiagnosed uterine pseudo tumor. There are literature reports of spontaneous hemoperitoneum from bleeding of superficial vessels over lying myomas during preg...
  2. [Changes of Von Willebrand factor concentration during pregnancy].

    Annales de biologie clinique 72(3):292 (2014) PMID 24876140

    We observed a difference between vWF values in women whose babies had Apgar score 4 to 6 compared to those with Apgar score between 7 and 10. The different was not statistically significant probably due to low effective. In conclusion, vWF production during the pregnancy varies with gestational age...
  3. Epidemiology and surgical management of breast cancer in gynecological department of Douala General Hospital.

    Pan African Medical Journal 13:35 (2012) PMID 23330026 PMCID PMC3542782

    We already had a mortality rate of 14.29% at the end of December 2010. We had no feedback for 26.19% of the study group. Breast cancer is generally diagnosed in advanced stage in our milieu; there is therefore a need for generalized sensitization of the population....