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    In obese diabetic subjects, a correct life style, including diet and physical activity, is part of a correct intervention protocol. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of aerobic training intervention, based on heart rate at aerobic gas exchange threshold (AerTge), on clinica...
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    It is well known that cognitive and emotional changes occur during pregnancy, but little is known about their magnitude or their time of occurrence and recovery. During pregnancy memory is one of the most impaired cognitive functions. Although long-term aspects of memory have been investigated, ...
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    The time of diagnosis is crucial for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in terms of disease severity and chronic complications, as initial glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) predicts 5-year cardiovascular mortality. The Italian health-care system relies on about 650 diabetes care units (DCU) interfacing ...
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    Discordant findings have been reported about the change in pregnant women's cognitive test performance. Visuo-spatial abilities, which are crucial in terrestrial/flight navigation, could be influenced by hormonal variations. A 32-yr-old Italian Air Force pilot underwent a 2-D Mental Rotation Tas...
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    An open-label follow-up study of low-to-intermediate dose testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) was conducted in 64 overweight patients (aged 65-75 years) with late onset hypogonadism (LOH) and increased fasting plasma glucose (FPG). Patients were subdivided into four treatment groups: oral tes...
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    Disturbed sleep and nocturnal altered breathing are related to disturbances of glucose metabolism. The present uncontrolled observational study explores the role of these factors on the variability of fasting glycemia. The number and duration of nocturnal awakenings and the fasting glycemia of 9...
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    Cushing's syndrome may remain unrecognized among patients referred for metabolic syndrome; thus, a proactive screening has been suggested in certain patient populations with features of the disorder. However, conflicting data have been reported on the prevalence of Cushing's syndrome in patients...
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    Frailty is considered a syndrome of decreased reserve and resistance to stressors and is clinically expressed as muscle weakness, poor exercise tolerance, factors related to body composition, sarcopenia and disability. In addition, there is a close relationship between age-related metabolic chan...
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    Only few insulin-treated (IT) people with diabetes mellitus (DM) reach the target due to poor compliance and/or to sedentary lifestyle and/or to inadequate treatment regimen. The latter may be also brought about by often overlooked factors including insulin injection into altered skin areas, oft...
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    We evaluated the association of the sex hormone pattern and the serum level of the main adipokines to metabolic syndrome (MS) and its components in 199 pharmacologically untreated subjects. Men and women included in the age-class subgroups were matched for body mass index, waist circumference, b...
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    The complex control of food intake and energy metabolism in mammals relies on the ability of the brain to integrate multiple signals indicating the nutritional state and the energy level of the organism and to produce appropriate responses in terms of food intake, energy expenditure, and metabol...
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    Physical inactivity is often associated with positive energy balance and fat gain. We aimed to assess whether energy intake in excess of requirement activates systemic inflammation and antioxidant defenses and accelerates muscle atrophy induced by inactivity. Nineteen healthy male volunteers wer...
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    We studied the effect of random rotation on the expression of integrins in cultured astrocytes with or without the addition of divalent ions. Some cultures were immediately fixed, others were let to rest and then fixed. Cells were submitted to immunohistochemistry using antibodies to ...
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    Our scope was to study the effects of on ground random positioning machine rotation on swine testicular cells in culture. Cells of the 2 n karyotype line, from trypsinized swine testes, were submitted to modeled microgravity ( μ G ...
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