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  1. Chemical properties and biodegradability of waste paper mill sludges to be used for landfill covering.

    Waste Management & Research 25(6):538 (2007) PMID 18229748

    Waste paper mill sludges originating from different effluent treatment and de-inking installations are complex mixtures of inorganic and organic particles. Due to their favourable physico-chemical, and microbiological characteristics, they may be conveniently reused for different purposes as suc...
  2. Chemical and microbiological stability of waste sludge from paper industry intended for brick production.

    Waste Management & Research 23(2):106 (2005) PMID 15864952

    Due to its chemical composition, waste sludge generated in the paper industry may be used as a raw material for brick production. Brick manufacture is limited to the warmer months of the year whereas sludge is produced continuously by different effluent treatment devices. Therefore, it has to be...