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  1. Investigation of natural radioactivity levels in water around Kadugli, Sudan.

    Applied Radiation and Isotopes 66(11):1650 (2008) PMID 18513978

    Surface water from Miri Lake and groundwater from around Kadugli (West-Central Sudan) obtained by means of hand-pumps was analysed for (238)U, (226)Ra, (222)Rn, and (232)Th activity concentrations. The surface water showed very low levels of radionuclide concentrations: <1.6, and...
  2. Radiation survey of aircraft and heavy machinery scrap.

    Applied Radiation and Isotopes 70(12):2686 (2012) PMID 23041388

    This study was conducted primarily to survey aircraft and heavy machinery at 30 locations within Khartoum State using handheld radiation survey meters to detect and identify any radiation sources that might be present and to estimate radiation dose levels. The survey has resulted in detection of 16...