1. The dark underbelly of state capitalism in India

    The Lancet 386(10004):1620 (2015)

  2. Daily wages and piece rates in agrarian economies

    Journal of Development Economics 59(2):445 (1999)

    The paper presents an analysis of the coexistence of daily-wage and piece-rate contracts in agrarian economies. We show that, when individual effort is taken into account, daily-wage labourers typically form a convex set in the space of working ability. The most able and the least able labo...
  3. Widowhood and poverty in rural India: Some inferences from household survey data

    Journal of Development Economics 54(2):217 (1997)

    This paper examines the relationship between widowhood and poverty in rural India, based on National Sample Survey data on consumer expenditure. In terms of standard poverty indices based on household per-capita expenditure, there is no evidence of widows being disproportionately concentrat...
  4. Hunger and poverty in Iraq, 1991

    World Development 20(7):921 (1992)

    This paper examines the impact of economic sanctions, war and internal conflicts on the well-being of the civilian population of Iraq during and after the Gulf war. Particular attention is paid to the issue of food entitlements and nutritional deprivation. The paper is based primarily on da...
  5. Policy reform, shadow prices, and market prices

    Journal of Public Economics 42(1):1 (1990)

    How should public projects and policy reforms be assessed when market prices give misleading signals? Revenues and costs at market prices then give distorted measures of social gains and losses and our appraisal should use social opportunity costs or ‘shadow prices’. We show how shadow pric...