1. Using repeated small-footprint LiDAR acquisitions to infer spatial and temporal variations of a high-biomass Neotropical forest

    Remote Sensing of Environment 169:93 (2015)

    In recent years, LiDAR technology has provided accurate forest aboveground biomass (AGB) maps in several forest ecosystems, including tropical forests. However, its ability to accurately map forest AGB changes in high-biomass tropical forests has seldom been investigated. Here, we asse...
  2. Rapid tree carbon stock recovery in managed Amazonian forests

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  3. Rapid tree carbon stock recovery in managed Amazonian forests.

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    While around 20% of the Amazonian forest has been cleared for pastures and agriculture, one fourth of the remaining forest is dedicated to wood production. Most of these production forests have been or will be selectively harvested for commercial timber, but recent studies show that even soon af...
  4. An estimate of the number of tropical tree species.
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    PNAS 112(24):7472 (2015) PMID 26034279 PMCID PMC4475970

    The high species richness of tropical forests has long been recognized, yet there remains substantial uncertainty regarding the actual number of tropical tree species. Using a pantropical tree inventory database from closed canopy forests, consisting of 657,630 trees belonging to 11,371 species,...
  5. Large trees as key elements of carbon storage and dynamics after selective logging in the Eastern Amazon

    Forest Ecology and Management 318:103 (2014)

    • We monitored above-ground tree (AGB) biomass of 18–1ha plots after logging in Eastern Amazon for 8years. • The mortality of large trees (DBH>60cm), was found to ...
  6. Crown fragmentation assessment in tropical trees: Method, insights and perspectives

    Forest Ecology and Management 261(3):400 (2011)

    Graphical abstract [Display omitted]
  7. Modeling decay rates of dead wood in a neotropical forest.

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    Variation of dead wood decay rates among tropical trees remains one source of uncertainty in global models of the carbon cycle. Taking advantage of a broad forest plot network surveyed for tree mortality over a 23-year period, we measured the remaining fraction of boles from 367 dead trees from ...
  8. Drought-mortality relationships for tropical forests.

    New Phytologist 187(3):631 (2010) PMID 20659252

    *The rich ecology of tropical forests is intimately tied to their moisture status. Multi-site syntheses can provide a macro-scale view of these linkages and their susceptibility to changing climates. Here, we report pan-tropical and regional-scale analyses of tree vulnerability to drought. *We a...
  9. Dynamics of aboveground carbon stocks in a selectively logged tropical forest.

    Ecological Applications 19(6):1397 (2009) PMID 19769089

    The expansion of selective logging in tropical forests may be an important source of global carbon emissions. However, the effects of logging practices on the carbon cycle have never been quantified over long periods of time. We followed the fate of more than 60 000 tropical trees over 23 years ...
  10. Drought sensitivity of the Amazon rainforest.

    Science 323(5919):1344 (2009) PMID 19265020

    Amazon forests are a key but poorly understood component of the global carbon cycle. If, as anticipated, they dry this century, they might accelerate climate change through carbon losses and changed surface energy balances. We used records from multiple long-term monitoring plots across Amazonia...
  11. Seasonal water stress tolerance and habitat associations within four neotropical tree genera.

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    We investigated the relationship between habitat association and physiological performance in four congeneric species pairs exhibiting contrasting distributions between seasonally flooded and terra firme habitats in lowland tropical rain forests of French Guiana, including Virola and Iryanthera ...
  12. Using models to predict recovery and assess tree species vulnerability in logged tropical forests: A case study from French Guiana

    Forest Ecology and Management 209(1):69 (2005)

    A major challenge for forest managers is to define the optimal cutting cycle to ensure that the resource is sustained in the long term. Matrix models of forest dynamics allow time-projection of diameter-class distributions and thus assessment of the time needed, after logging, to recover a ...