1. Physical Activity and Aging Research: A Bibliometric Analysis.

    Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 24(3):476 (2016) PMID 26671908

    Physical activity and aging research has burgeoned in the past few decades. However, despite the increase in scholarly publications, no attempts have been made to summarize the publication landscape and identify work that has had great impact on physical activity and aging research. We conducted...
  2. 35Year Research History of Cytotoxicity and Cancer: a Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis.

    Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP 17(7):3139 (2016) PMID 27509942

    Cancer is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, characterized by irregular cell growth. Cytotoxicity or killing tumor cells that divide rapidly is the basic function of chemotherapeutic drugs. However, these agents can damage normal dividing cells, leading to adverse effects in...
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  3. Citation frequency and ethical issue.

    Electronic Physician 6(2):814 (2014) PMID 25763151 PMCID PMC4324277