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  1. Hydrodynamics of a Large-scale Mixed-Cell Raceway (MCR): Experimental studies

    Aquacultural Engineering 37(2):12 (2007)

  2. Effects of inlet and outlet flow characteristics on mixed-cell raceway (MCR) hydrodynamics

    Aquacultural Engineering 37(2):13 (2007)

  3. Control of environmental pollution arising out of industrial wastes.

    Biochemical Journal 128(1):38P (1972) PMID 5085596 PMCID PMC1173662

  4. Noninvasive Type 2 Diabetes Screening: Clinical Evaluation of SCOUT DS in an Asian Indian Cohort.

    Diabetes Technology &amp Therapeutics 15(1):39 (2013) PMID 23150995

    The performance of SCOUT is similar to that of A1C, whereas FPG had a much lower sensitivity. SCOUT is an effective tool for AGT screening in Asian Indians....
  5. Computation of Reducts Using Topology and Measure of Significance of Attributes

    Audio, Transactions of the IRE Professional Gro... (2010)

    Data generated in the fields of science, technology, business and in many other fields of research are increasing in an exponential rate. The way to extract knowledge from a huge set of data is a challenging task. This paper aims to propose a hybrid and viable method to deal with an information sys...
  6. The Appearance of Boundary-Layer Instabilities as a Velocity Minimum Develops

    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematica... 451(1942):331 (1995)

  7. Effect of supplementing finger millet straw with two concentrates differing in their partitioning factor on dry matter intake, organic matte...

    Animal Feed Science and Technology 137(1):35 (2007)

    Effects of supplementing finger millet straw (FMS) with concentrates differing in partitioning factor (PF) on dry matter (DM) intake, nutrient digestibility and N metabolism were studied in crossbred heifers. The two concentrates, a high PF concentrate (HPFC) and low PF concentrate (LPFC), were...
  8. Studies with chimeras of the gonadotropin receptors reveal the importance of third intracellular loop threonines on the formation of the rec...

    Biochemistry (Washington) 42(47):13950 (2003) PMID 14636063

    We had previously identified multiple noncontiguous residues of the lutropin (LHR) and follitropin (FSHR) receptors that dictate their rates of internalization. Since the internalization of the LHR and the FSHR is driven by their abilities to associate with the nonvisual arrestins, we hypothesized t...
  9. Progressive supranuclear palsy.

    The Journal of the Association of Physicians of... 34(3):203 (1986) PMID 3733651

  10. Induction of systemic resistance to bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum in cotton by leaf extrac...

    Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 40(5):309 (2007)