1. A J Cronin's Citadel.

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  2. Henry Gray, plagiarist.

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    The first edition of Anatomy Descriptive and Surgical (1858) was greeted with accolades, but also provoked serious controversy concerning Henry Gray's failure to acknowledge the work of earlier anatomists. A review in the Medical Times (1859) accused Gray of intellectual theft. The journal took ...
  3. Evelina's legacy

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  4. Robert Louis Stevenson's The Body Snatcher.

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  5. Robert Louis Stevenson's The Body Snatcher

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  6. The art of human anatomy: Renaissance to 21st century.

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    This session examines the relationship between the art and science of anatomy from the time of Vesalius to the present with particular emphasis on the role of the medical artist and the changing nature of anatomical illustration over the last five centuries. Pivotal changes in the art of anatomy...
  7. The English Vesalius

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  8. Preserving the name of Middlesex Hospital Chapel.

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  9. Preserving the name of Middlesex Hospital Chapel

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  10. Surgical weekend handover: A structured tool with 6 standards for patient care

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  11. Joseph Lister's domestic science

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  13. The art of medicine: a dismal prospect: workhouse health care.

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    the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (2007) states that 'respiratory rate is the best marker of a sick patient and is the first observation that will indicate a problem or deterioration in condition'. It is therefore crucial that staff are confident that respiratory rates...
  17. Recruiting the unclaimed

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  18. Friends of the foundlings

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  19. Small, but perfectly formed

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  20. Da Vinci dissected

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