1. Analysis of genes isolated from plated hemocytes of the Pacific oyster, Crassostreas gigas.

    Marine Biotechnology 11(1):24 (2009) PMID 18622569

    A complementary deoxyribonucleic acid library was constructed from hemocytes of Crassostrea gigas that had been plated on poly-lysine plates for 24 h. From this library, 2,198 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) of greater than or equal to 100 bp were generated and analyzed. A large number of genes t...
  2. The group generated byx/atx+ 1 andx/atxpis free

    Journal of Algebra 118(2):408 (1988)

  3. Dermal penetration of avermectin B1a in the rhesus monkey

    Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 94(2):238 (1988)

    Forearms of rhesus monkeys were treated with [ 3H]avermectin B 1a in three different vehicles and concentrations so that the penetration of avermectin B 1a through skin could be determined. In order to simulate exposure of farm workers, such as mixer-loaders, applicators, ...
  4. The management of acute gastroduodenal hemorrhage

    The American Journal of Surgery 91(5):786 (1956)

    1. 1. It is evident that the problem of gastrointestinal hemorrhage will never be described adequately in any single paper or treatise. Written descriptions will never replace clinical acuity. 2. 2. Certain clinical facets of t...

    The Lancet 59(1481):83 (1852)