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  1. D1 dopamine receptor coupling to PLCβ regulates forward locomotion in mice.

    Journal of Neuroscience 33(46):18125 (2013) PMID 24227722 PMCID PMC3828465

    Several studies have reported the coupling of dopamine signaling to phospholipase C β (PLCβ) both in vitro and in vivo. However, the precise physiological relevance of this signaling pathway in mediating dopamine behaviors is still unclear. Here we report that stimulation of dopamine receptor si...
  2. Assessing the validity of deriving clinical dementia rating (CDR) global scores from independently-obtained functional rating scale (FRS) scores in vascular dementia with and without Alzheimer's disease.

    International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 24(10):1174 (2009) PMID 19768698

  3. Comparison of the cost of hospitalization for respiratory syncytial virus disease versus palivizumab prophylaxis in Canadian Inuit infants.

    Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 28(8):702 (2009) PMID 19461555

    The objectives were to compare actual respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) hospitalization rates and costs in a cohort of Inuit infants to hypothetical palivizumab prophylaxis strategies for infants of all gestational ages in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. Incidence and costs of RSV hospitalization w...