1. Preparation of 2-amino-2-C-glycosyl-acetonitriles from C-glycosyl aldehydes by Strecker reaction.

    Carbohydrate Research 346(18):2862 (2011) PMID 22082510

    Synthesis of new 2-amino-2-C-D-glycosyl-acetonitriles in a Strecker reaction from various C-glycosyl aldehydes, chiral amines, and HCN was carried out. While aminonitriles from glycal and 2-deoxy-β-D-glycosyl aldehydes were prepared in satisfactory yields, lower yields were obtained with C-glyco...
  2. Preparation of 1-C-glycosyl aldehydes by reductive hydrolysis

    Carbohydrate Research 346(12):1503 (2011)

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  3. Preparation of 1-C-glycosyl aldehydes by reductive hydrolysis.

    Carbohydrate Research 346(12):1503 (2011) PMID 21575933

    Reductive hydrolysis of various protected glycosyl cyanides was carried out using DIBAL-H to form aldimine alane intermediates which were then hydrolyzed under mildly acidic condition to provide the corresponding aldehyde derivatives. While 1-C-formyl glycal and 2-deoxy glycosyl derivatives were...
  4. Preparation of 2-amino-2-C-glycosyl-acetonitriles fromC-glycosyl aldehydes by Strecker reaction

    Carbohydrate Research 346(18):2862 (2011)

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  5. One-pot synthesis of α-aminonitriles from alkyl and aryl cyanides: a Strecker reaction via aldimine alanes

    Tetrahedron Letters 50(16):1844 (2009)

    A one-pot Strecker reaction using various alkyl, arylalkyl and arylnitriles is developed. Aldimine alanes were generated in situ from nitriles by the addition of diisobutylaluminium hydride, and were converted into the corresponding imines on reaction with ( S)-(−)-1-phenylethylamine....