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Analytical chemistry

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  1. Aptamer-controlled reversible inhibition of gold nanozyme activity for pesticide sensing.

    Analytical chemistry 86(24):11937 (2014) PMID 25340286

    Our approach combines the inherent peroxidase-like nanozyme activity of gold nanoparticles (GNPs) with high affinity and specificity of an acetamiprid-specific S-18 aptamer to detect this neurotoxic pesticide in a highly rapid, specific, and sensitive manner. It is shown that the nanozyme activity o...
  2. NMR flow tube for online NMR reaction monitoring.

    Analytical chemistry 86(24):12008 (2014) PMID 25375410

    We describe the development of a 5 mm NMR flow tube that can be used in a standard 5 mm NMR probe, enabling the user to conduct experiments on flowing samples or, more specifically, on flowing reaction mixtures. This enables reaction monitoring or kinetic experiments to be conducted by flowing react...
  3. Mapping electroactivity at individual catalytic nanostructures using high-resolution scanning electrochemical-scanning ion conductance micro...

    Analytical chemistry 86(24):12100 (2014) PMID 25399786

    Combined scanning electrochemical-scanning ion conductance microcopy (SECM-SICM) has been used to map the electroactivity of surfaces decorated with individual features at the 100-150 nm scale. Dual channel capillary probes consisting of an open SICM barrel, and a solid carbon SECM electrode enabled...
  4. Selective Fluorescence Turn-On and Ratiometric Detection of Organophosphate Using Dual-Emitting Mn-Doped ZnS Nanocrystal Probe.

    Analytical chemistry 86(23):11727 (2014) PMID 25358128

    We develop an intrinsic dual-emitting Mn-doped ZnS nanocrystal-based probe that achieves this goal with turn-on and ratiometric fluorescence response for the determination of organophosphate (diethylphosphorothioate, DEP). The probe relies on the modification of dopamine dithiocarbamate on the surfa...
  5. Silica-based ionogels: nanoconfined ionic liquid-rich fibers for headspace solid-phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-barri...

    Analytical chemistry 86(23):11640 (2014) PMID 25371321

    In this work, hybrid silica-based materials with immobilized ionic liquids (ILs) were prepared by sol-gel technology and evaluated as solid-phase microextraction (SPME) fiber coatings. High loadings of the IL 1-methyl-3-butylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide ([C4MIM][TFSI]) were confined...
  6. Label-free in situ quantification of drug in living cells at micromolar levels using infrared spectroscopy.

    Analytical chemistry 86(23):11673 (2014) PMID 25376865

    Quantifying the rate and the amount of drug entering live cells is an essential part of the medicine development process. Infrared spectroscopy is a label-free, chemically selective tool for analyzing the composition of live cells in culture that has the potential to quantify, in situ, the amount of...
  7. Barcode-like paper sensor for smartphone diagnostics: an application of blood typing.

    Analytical chemistry 86(22):11362 (2014) PMID 25301220

    We envisage that the adaptation of paper-based devices to the widely accepted smartphone technology will increase the capability of paper-based diagnostics with rapid assay result interpretation, data storage, and transmission....
  8. Femtogram-scale photothermal spectroscopy of explosive molecules on nanostrings.

    Analytical chemistry 86(22):11368 (2014) PMID 25329453

    We demonstrate detection of femtogram-scale quantities of the explosive molecule 1,3,5-trinitroperhydro-1,3,5-triazine (RDX) via combined nanomechanical photothermal spectroscopy and mass desorption. Photothermal spectroscopy provides a spectroscopic fingerprint of the molecule, which is unavailable...
  9. Quantification of fucosylated hemopexin and complement factor h in plasma of patients with liver disease.

    Analytical chemistry 86(21):10716 (2014) PMID 25302577 PMCID PMC4222631

    We present a workflow for quantitative site-specific analysis of fucosylation and apply it to a comparison of hemopexin (HPX) and complement factor H (CFH), two liver-secreted glycoproteins, in healthy individuals and patients with liver cirrhosis and HCC. Label-free LC-MS quantification of glycopep...
  10. Dielectrophoretic Monitoring and Interstrain Separation of Intact Clostridium difficile Based on Their S(Surface)-Layers.

    Analytical chemistry 86(21):10855 (2014) PMID 25343746 PMCID PMC4222627

    We demonstrate that morphological differences within the cell wall of particular C. difficile strains with differing S-layer proteins can induce systematic variations in their electrophysiology, due alterations in cell wall capacitance. As a result, dielectrophoretic frequency analysis can enable th...