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Analytical chemistry

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  1. Development and Characterization of an Ascorbate Oxidase-based Sensor-Biosensor System for Telemetric Detection of AA and Antioxidant Capaci...

    Analytical chemistry 86(17):8727 (2014) PMID 25088601

    A new carbon ascorbate oxidase-based sensor-biosensor system (SB) was coupled to a dual-channel telemetric device for online simultaneous electrochemical detection of ascorbic acid (AA) and antioxidant capacity in Hamlin, Sanguinello, and Moro orange varieties. The electrocatalytic performances of t...
  2. Ionophore-Based Ion-Selective Optical NanoSensors Operating in Exhaustive Sensing Mode.

    Analytical chemistry 86(17):8770 (2014) PMID 25117492

    We describe here an alternative exhaustive detection mode for ion selective optical sensors. This exhaustive sensor concept is demonstrated with ionophore-based nanooptodes either selective for calcium or the polycationic heparin antidote protamine. In agreement with a theoretical treatment presente...
  3. Mass-selective soft-landing of protein assemblies with controlled landing energies.

    Analytical chemistry 86(16):8321 (2014) PMID 25026391

    We have developed a tandem mass spectrometer with the capability for controlled ion soft-landing and ex situ visualization of the soft-landed particles by means of transmission electron microscopy. The deposition conditions can be controlled by adjusting the kinetic energies of the ions by applying...
  4. Dual Electrochemical and Physiological Apoptosis Assay Detection of in Vivo Generated Nickel Chloride Induced DNA Damage in Caenorhabditis e...

    Analytical chemistry 86(16):8418 (2014) PMID 25048399

    Environmental nickel exposure is known to cause allergic reactions, respiratory illness, and may be responsible for some forms of cancer in humans. Nematodes are an excellent model organism to test for environmental toxins, as they are prevalent in many different environments. Nickel exposure has pr...
  5. Expansion of the Ion Library for Mining SWATH-MS Data through Fractionation Proteomics.

    Analytical chemistry 86(15):7242 (2014) PMID 24969961

    We propose an approach to construct an expanded ion library using the data-dependent acquisition (DDA) data generated by fractionation proteomics. We identified three critical elements for achieving a satisfactory ion library during the iterative process of our ion library expansion, including a cor...
  6. Subnanomolar detection limit of stripping voltammetric ca(2+)-selective electrode: effects of analyte charge and sample contamination.

    Analytical chemistry 86(15):7939 (2014) PMID 24992261

    We report on stripping voltammetry of down to 0.1 nM Ca(2+) by using a thin-polymer-coated electrode and demonstrate the advantageous effects of the divalent charge on sensitivity. A simple theory predicts that the maximum concentration of an analyte ion preconcentrated in the thin membrane depends...
  7. Microfluidic paper-based analytical device for the determination of nitrite and nitrate.

    Analytical chemistry 86(15):7274 (2014) PMID 25001619

    A low-cost disposable colorimetric microfluidic paper-based analytical device (μPAD) was developed for the determination of nitrite and nitrate. Nitrite is determined directly by the Griess reaction while nitrate is first reduced to nitrite in a hydrophilic channel of the μPAD with immobilized zinc...
  8. Microcup arrays for the efficient isolation and cloning of cells.

    Analytical chemistry 82(8):3161 (2010) PMID 20199088 PMCID PMC2854869

    Arrays of transparent, releasable micrometer-scale structures termed "microcups" were created for the purpose of patterning and isolating viable cells from small cell samples. Cells were captured by the microcups without the need for barriers or walls on the intervening substrate. Furthermore, in co...
  9. Paper-based colorimetric array test strip for selective and semiquantitative multi-ion analysis: simultaneous detection of hg(2+), ag(+), an...

    Analytical chemistry 86(17):8829 (2014) PMID 25070403

    A novel approach is presented in this article to qualitatively and semiquantitatively analyze multiple heavy metal ions simultaneously by a colorimetric array test strip. As a proof-of-concept application, a multi-ion analysis array test strip (for Hg(2+), Ag(+), and Cu(2+)) was fabricated through i...
  10. Bayesian Inference of Accurate Population Sizes and FRET Efficiencies from Single Diffusing Biomolecules.

    Analytical chemistry 86(17):8603 (2014) PMID 25105347

    We have developed an inference method for the analysis of smFRET data from solution studies based on rigorous model-based Bayesian techniques. We implement a Monte Carlo Markov chain (MCMC) based algorithm that simultaneously estimates population sizes and intramolecular distance information directl...