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Biochimica et Biophysica Acta

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  1. Molecular composition and function of integrin-based collagen glues-Introducing COLINBRIs.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1840(8):2533 (2014) PMID 24361615

    We have introduced the name COLINBRI (COLlagen INtegrin BRIdging) for this set of molecules. Whereas collagens are the major building blocks in tissues and defects in these structural proteins have severe consequences for tissue integrity, the mild phenotypes of the integrin type of collagen recepto...
  2. Photoprotective sites in the violaxanthin-chlorophyll a binding Protein (VCP) from Nannochloropsis gaditana.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1837(8):1235 (2014) PMID 24704151

    We used Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance (ODMR) to identify the triplet states populated by photo-excitation, and describe the optical properties of the chromophores carrying the triplet states. In parallel, time-resolved EPR (TR-EPR) and pulse EPR have been employed to get insight into the TTE...
  3. Mitochondrial hyperpolarization during chronic complex I inhibition is sustained by low activity of complex II, III, IV and V.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1837(8):1247 (2014) PMID 24769419

    We demonstrate that chronic (24h) CI inhibition in HEK293 cells induces a proton-based Δψ hyperpolarization in HEK293 cells without triggering reverse-mode action of CV or the adenine nucleotide translocase (ANT). Hyperpolarization was associated with low levels of CII-driven O2 consumption and prev...
  4. Molecular modeling study on the dynamical structural features of human smoothened receptor and binding mechanism of antagonist LY2940680 by ...

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1840(7):2128 (2014) PMID 24637074

    The smoothened (SMO) receptor, one of the Class F G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), is an essential component of the canonical hedgehog signaling pathway which plays a key role in the regulation of embryonic development in animals. The function of the SMO receptor can be modulated by small-molecu...
  5. Degraded λ-carrageenan activates NF-κB and AP-1 pathways in macrophages and enhances LPS-induced TNF-α secretion through AP-1.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1840(7):2162 (2014) PMID 24641824

    We found that λ-dCGN was much stronger than native λ-CGN in the activation of macrophages to secrete TNF-α. Treatment of RAW264.7 cells with λ-dCGN resulted in the upregulation of TLR4, CD14 and MD-2 expressions, but it did not increase the binding of lipopolysacchride (LPS) with macrophages. Meanwh...
  6. Towards understanding the molecular mechanism of the endocytosis-like process in the bacterium Gemmata obscuriglobus.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1844(8):1732 (2014) PMID 24144586

    We critically evaluate current bioinformatic knowledge, and suggest practical experimental steps to overcome the limits of bioinformatics in elucidating the molecular mechanism of endocytosis in bacteria. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Protein trafficking and secretion in bacteria...
  7. Exon 9 skipping of apoptotic caspase-2 pre-mRNA is promoted by SRSF3 through interaction with exon 8.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1839(1):25 (2014) PMID 24321384

    We show that knockdown of SRSF3 (also known as SRp20) with siRNA induced significant increase of endogenous exon 9 inclusion. In addition, overexpression of SRSF3 promoted exon 9 skipping. Thus we conclude that SRSF3 promotes exon 9 skipping. In order to understand the functional target of SRSF3 on...
  8. Targeting epigenetic mediators of gene expression in thoracic malignancies.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenerge... 1819(7):836 (2012) PMID 22507242

    Lung and esophageal cancer and malignant pleural mesotheliomas are highly lethal neoplasms that are leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Presently, limited information is available pertaining to epigenetic mechanisms mediating initiation and progression of these neoplas...
  9. Overexpression of insulin like growth factor binding protein 5 reduces liver fibrosis in chronic cholangiopathy.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenerge... 1822(6):996 (2012) PMID 22434064

    The ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B member 4 knock-out mouse (Abcb4(-/-)) is a relevant model for chronic cholangiopathy in man. Due to the lack of this P-glycoprotein in the canalicular membrane of hepatocytes, the secretion of phospholipids into bile is absent, resulting in incr...
  10. IQGAP2, A candidate tumour suppressor of prostate tumorigenesis.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenerge... 1822(6):875 (2012) PMID 22406297

    We report here that IQGAP2 is a candidate tumour suppressor of prostate cancer (PC). Elevated IQGAP2 was detected in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN), early stages of PCs (Gleason score ≤3), and androgen-dependent LNCaP PC cells. However, IQGAP2 was expressed at substantially reduced leve...