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Biochimica et Biophysica Acta

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  1. Participation of thioredoxin in the V(V)-reduction reaction by Vanabin2.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1840(11):3238 (2014) PMID 25108063

    It is well-understood that ascidians accumulate high levels of vanadium, a reduced form of V(III), in an extremely acidic vacuole in their blood cells. Vanabins are small cysteine-rich proteins that have been identified only from vanadium-rich ascidians. A previous study revealed that Vanabin2 can a...
  2. Regulation of cytokinesis in the milk yeast Kluyveromyces lactis.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1843(11):2685 (2014) PMID 25110348

    We investigated the effects of various deletion mutants on cytokinesis in the milk yeast Kluyveromyces lactis. To determine the spatiotemporal parameters of cytokinesis components, live-cell imaging of fluorophor-tagged KlMyo1 and a new Lifeact probe for KlAct1 was employed. In contrast to Saccharom...
  3. D2N: Distance to the native.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1844(10):1798 (2014) PMID 25062912

    We report the development of a metric "D2N" (distance to the native) - that predicts the "RMSD" of any structure without actually knowing the native structure. By combining physico-chemical properties and known universalities in spatial organization of soluble proteins to develop D2N, we demonstrate...
  4. Vascular-homing peptides for targeted drug delivery and molecular imaging: meeting the clinical challenges.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1846(1):1 (2014) PMID 24704283

    I and II trials have been reported and many other trials are currently ongoing or recruiting patients. In this review, advances in the identification of novel peptide ligands and their corresponding receptors on tumor endothelium through the in vivo phage display technology are discussed. Emphasis i...
  5. Mucins and tumor resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1846(1):142 (2014) PMID 24785432

    We review the roles of mucins in chemoresistance and the associated underlying molecular mechanisms (physical barrier, resistance to apoptosis, drug metabolism, cell stemness, epithelial-mesenchymal transition) and discuss the therapeutic tools/strategies and/or prognosis biomarkers for personalized...
  6. Exon 9 skipping of apoptotic caspase-2 pre-mRNA is promoted by SRSF3 through interaction with exon 8.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1839(1):25 (2014) PMID 24321384

    We show that knockdown of SRSF3 (also known as SRp20) with siRNA induced significant increase of endogenous exon 9 inclusion. In addition, overexpression of SRSF3 promoted exon 9 skipping. Thus we conclude that SRSF3 promotes exon 9 skipping. In order to understand the functional target of SRSF3 on...
  7. Targeting epigenetic mediators of gene expression in thoracic malignancies.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenerge... 1819(7):836 (2012) PMID 22507242

    Lung and esophageal cancer and malignant pleural mesotheliomas are highly lethal neoplasms that are leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Presently, limited information is available pertaining to epigenetic mechanisms mediating initiation and progression of these neoplas...
  8. Overexpression of insulin like growth factor binding protein 5 reduces liver fibrosis in chronic cholangiopathy.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenerge... 1822(6):996 (2012) PMID 22434064

    The ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B member 4 knock-out mouse (Abcb4(-/-)) is a relevant model for chronic cholangiopathy in man. Due to the lack of this P-glycoprotein in the canalicular membrane of hepatocytes, the secretion of phospholipids into bile is absent, resulting in incr...
  9. IQGAP2, A candidate tumour suppressor of prostate tumorigenesis.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenerge... 1822(6):875 (2012) PMID 22406297

    We report here that IQGAP2 is a candidate tumour suppressor of prostate cancer (PC). Elevated IQGAP2 was detected in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN), early stages of PCs (Gleason score ≤3), and androgen-dependent LNCaP PC cells. However, IQGAP2 was expressed at substantially reduced leve...
  10. Regulation of SGLT expression and localization through Epac/PKA-dependent caveolin-1 and F-actin activation in renal proximal tubule cells.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenerge... 1823(4):971 (2012) PMID 22230192

    This study demonstrated that exchange proteins directly activated by cAMP (Epac) and protein kinase A (PKA) by 8-bromoadenosine (8-Br)-adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) stimulated [(14)C]-α-methyl-D-glucopyranoside (α-MG) uptake through increased sodium-glucose cotranspor...