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  1. Glial fibrillary acidic protein is a body fluid biomarker for glial pathology in human disease

    Brain Research 1600:17 (2015)

    This review on the role of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) as a biomarker for astroglial pathology in neurological diseases provides background to protein synthesis, assembly, function and degeneration. Qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques for the investigation of huma...
  2. Impacts of aging and amyloid-β deposition on plasminogen activators and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in the Tg2576 mouse model of Alzhe...

    Brain Research 1597:159 (2015)

    We reported that tPA/plasmin proteolytic activity is attenuated throughout the brain during aging or with Aβ accumulation but clustered intense around the amyloid plaques in AD brain. The present study demonstrates that the altered proteolytic activity primarily results from the competition between...
  3. Changes and overlapping distribution in the expression of CB1/OX1-GPCRs in rat hippocampus by kainic acid-induced status epilepticus

    Brain Research 1597:14 (2015)

    We investigated the potential long-term effects of SE on CB1 and OX1 expression in rat hippocampus, aiming to elucidate whether they are involved in the causative mechanism of epilepsy and whether they might form a heterodimer. In this study, SE was induced with kainic acid, and results of...
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    Brain Research 1568:i (2014)

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    Brain Research 1362:0 (2010)

  6. WITHDRAWN: Transplantation of bone mesenchymal stem cells containing the nerve growth factor gene in adult rat brain with Fimbria Fornix les...

    Brain Research (2009) PMID 19401170

    We examined whether nerve growth factor (NGF) improve BMSCs viability in the brain with Fimbria-Fornix lesion (FF). After transduction of NGF gene via recombinant retroviral vectors, the rat BMSCs were transformed into the NGF-GFP positive BMSCs, nearly 100% of cells expressed NGF. After transplante...
  7. KCC2-mediated regulation of respiration-related rhythmic activity during postnatal development in mouse medulla oblongata

    Brain Research (2008)

    We examined how GABA and chloride co-transporters contribute to RRA during development in the 12N where inspiratory neurons reside. We recorded extracellular RRA in medullary slices obtained from postnatal day (P) 0–7 mice. RRA was induced by soaking slices in artificial cerebrospinal fluid (aCSF) c...
  8. MCP-1 stimulates spinal microglia via PI3K/Akt pathway in bone cancer pain

    Brain Research 1599:158 (2015)

    We investigated the expression changes of p-Akt in microglia and OX-42 (microglia marker) after being stimulated with MCP-1 in vitro, as well as in a BCP model that was established by an intramedullary injection of mammary gland carcinoma cells(Walker 256 cells) into the tibia of rats. We observed a...
  9. Unconditioned oromotor taste reactivity elicited by sucrose and quinine is unaffected by extensive bilateral damage to the gustatory zone of...

    Brain Research 1599:9 (2015)

    Rats display stereotypical oromotor and somatic responses to small volumes of intraorally infused taste solutions. These behaviors, known as taste reactivity, are categorized by their association with ingestion or rejection and are thought to reflect the palatability of the stimulus. Becau...
  10. Neurophysiological traces of the reader׳s geographical perspective associated with the deictic verbs of motion to go and to come

    Brain Research 1597:108 (2015)

    This ERP study explores how participants activate their own geographical perspective, while reading sentences describing a motion (to come or to go), or a static spatial relation (to be) referred either to the participant׳s current location or a distant place. The ERPs recorded at the plac...