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  1. Attitudes of general dental practitioners in the UK to the use of composite materials in posterior teeth.

    British Dental Journal 202(12):E32 (2007) PMID 17510663

    To determine the opinions and current methods used in placing posterior composite restorations by general dental practitioners. The study was completed by general dental practitioners randomly selected from across the UK. A questionnaire was devised to gain this information. It was sent to 500 U...
  2. Homeless in North and West Belfast: an oral health needs assessment.

    British Dental Journal 202(12):E31 (2007) PMID 17510662

    The aim was to assess the oral health needs of a homeless population residing in North and West Belfast Health and Social Services Trust area, in order to determine levels of unmet need and allow recommendations for service delivery to be made. A sample of single homeless people was gathered usi...
  3. Misplaced and inappropriate.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):613; author reply 615 (2006) PMID 17128214

  4. A unique opportunity?

    British Dental Journal 201(10):614 (2006) PMID 17128216

  5. An audit of the UK national cancer referral guidelines for suspected oral mucosal malignancy.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):643 (2006) PMID 17128234

    This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of the UK National Guidelines for identifying patients with potentially malignant oral disease which were introduced in 2000. Retrospective audit. The oral medicine unit in a university teaching hospital in London. All new referrals over a one year pe...
  6. Dental caries affects body weight, growth and quality of life in pre-school children.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):625 (2006) PMID 17128231

    The effect of a relatively common chronic disease, severe dental caries, affects young childrens' growth and well-being. Treating dental caries in pre-school children would increase growth rates and the quality of life of millions of children. Severe untreated dental caries is common in pre-scho...
  7. The impact of clinical audit on antibiotic prescribing in general dental practice.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):635 (2006) PMID 17128233

    To reduce the number of antibiotics inappropriately prescribed by general dental practitioners, and to increase overall prescription accuracy. A prospective clinical audit carried out between September and March of 2002-3 and 2003-4. General dental practices in Eastern England. The pre-audit ant...
  8. Educational needs and employment status of Scottish dental nurses.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):661 (2006) PMID 17128241

    To investigate the educational needs and employment status of dental nurses in Scotland. One thousand, seven hundred and thirty dental nurses with postal addresses in Scotland. Structured questionnaire. A 65% response rate was achieved following three mailings. The majority of respondents were e...
  9. Connecting implants to teeth.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):629 (2006) PMID 17128232

    Osseointegrated implants have proven to have a high degree of success in the edentulous arches. This success has been replicated in partially edentulous arches. When natural teeth are present, it can be tempting to fabricate restorations using support from both implants and natural teeth. The me...
  10. Medico-legal dilemma.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):613; author reply 615 (2006) PMID 17128215

  11. Do no harm.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):617 (2006) PMID 17128220

  12. Dentistry and domestic violence.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):611 (2006) PMID 17128212

  13. Confusing guidelines.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):615; author reply 615 (2006) PMID 17128218

  14. Common antacids could help keep gingivitis at bay.
    Author(s) unavailable

    British Dental Journal 201(10):620 (2006) PMID 17128225

  15. Changes in the levels of knowledge and attitudes of dental hospital staff about domestic violence following attendance at an awareness raising seminar.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):653 (2006) PMID 17128240

    To assess changes in dental team knowledge and awareness about domestic violence following attendance at a brief training intervention. Seventy-five dental hospital staff at the University of Manchester Dental Hospital attended a two-hour session delivered by Manchester's City Wide NHS Domestic ...
  16. Reduction rationales.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):615, 617 (2006) PMID 17128217

  17. Volunteer programme.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):617 (2006) PMID 17128219

  18. Conflicting advice.

    British Dental Journal 201(10):613 (2006) PMID 17128213

  19. A novel use of a unilateral hinged partial denture.

    British Dental Journal 201(9):571 (2006) PMID 17099662

    This report describes a unilateral removable partial denture with a hinged arm with magnetic retention and a prosthetic flange component that was provided for a patient with localised periodontal tissue loss. While a unilateral partial denture is not generally advocated because of the risk of sw...
  20. The method of choice.

    British Dental Journal 201(9):549; author reply 549 (2006) PMID 17099638