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Hygiene and Sanitation

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  1. [The application of the multidimensional statistical methods in the evaluation of the influence of atmospheric pollution on the population's...

    Hygiene and Sanitation (2):41 (2014) PMID 25051738

    The search and measurement of causal relationships between exposure to air pollution and health state of the population is based on the system analysis and risk assessment to improve the quality of research. With this purpose there is applied the modern statistical analysis with the use of criteria...
  2. [Modern approaches to the primary prevention of the development of psychoactive substance dependence on the base of accounting of environmen...

    Hygiene and Sanitation (2):65 (2014) PMID 25051744

    In the work there was performed an assessment of the interaction of microsocial and genetic factors of the development of psychoactive substance (PS) dependence. The objects of the psycho-hygienic and molecular-genetic studies were 538 male patients from the specialized diagnostic and treatment cent...
  3. [Ecologically-dependent vitamin-minerals insufficiency in the sportsmen's organism].

    Hygiene and Sanitation (2):70 (2014) PMID 25051745

    The authors revealed the reduction of saturation of iron, copper, zinc, E and B2 vitamins in sportsmen's organism under high physical exercise. The negative effect was associated with the duration of training - competition cycles. The reduced vitamin-mineral saturation of the organism was associated...
  4. [Clinical hygienic substantiation for the individual biocorrection of ecologically dependent conditions in the critical population groups in...

    Hygiene and Sanitation (1):64 (2014) PMID 24749285

    In the article there is considered the problem of environmental and human body pollution with heavy metals, the effectiveness of individual biocorrection in critical population groups--pregnant females and children residing in technologically contaminated areas. It was established that, in spite of...
  5. [Results of analysis of ratios of indices of toxic and sensory effect of chemicals].

    Hygiene and Sanitation (6):78 (2013) PMID 24624828

    In the article there are presented results of the analysis of the quantitative relations between the parameters of toxicometry and indices of sensory effect of chemicals permitting to improve the accuracy of prediction of reference concentrations.
  6. [The resolution of the Plenum of the Research Council on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene of the Russian Federation "Updated issues o...
    Author(s) unavailable

    Hygiene and Sanitation (6):102 (2013) PMID 24624835

  7. [Hygienic assessment of drinking water chlorination by-products in view of multiroute exposure].

    Hygiene and Sanitation (2):18 (2013) PMID 24003692

    On the example of threstationary sampling points in houses of the Western Administrative District data on presence of trihalomethanes (TGM)--the main by-products of chlorination--in cold drinking and hot tap water of Moscow were analyzed. Since 'tthe middle of 2007 the concentration of chloroform an...
  8. [Characteristics of quantitative values of regional factors of exposure in the studied areas].

    Hygiene and Sanitation (6):30 (2012) PMID 23457989

    In the paper the results of a comparative evaluation of the Russian and the standard, recommended by US EPA, factors of population exposure in seven areas of different federal districts of Russia are presented. Concerning the adult population differences reach 3.5 times, for children (1-6 years) - 4...
  9. [The use of waste-derived adsorbents for improvement of the human environment].

    Hygiene and Sanitation (6):44 (2012) PMID 23457994

    Nanostructured adsorbents based on plant waste have been derived. Optimal technological parameters of process have been established Practical application of adsorbents produced with the use of nanotechnologies gives an opportunity to improve the indices of the refining of sunflower oil and increase...
  10. [Provision of integrity and reliability in hygienic examination of investment projects for human capital development].

    Hygiene and Sanitation (5):91 (2012) PMID 23243734

    To reach normal competitiveness in world division of labour, investment projects should stimulate development of human capital towards advance of modern technologies and organizational development of all types of labour. At present time there are only separate calculations of certain types of people...