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Hospital Topics

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  1. Derision is the sweet spot of adoption: unleashing disruptive growth.

    Hospital Topics 89(1):23 (2011) PMID 21360386

    Energetic and ambitious clinicians frequently present new disruptive technologies and growth opportunities to hospital management. Far too often, established medical staff leadership respond to these replacement services with derision, as they sense that the value of their hard-fough...
  2. Physician career satisfaction: examining perspectives of the working environment.

    Hospital Topics 88(2):43 (2010) PMID 20494884

    The author examined the relationship among factors influencing the career satisfaction of 2,105 physicians. Data from the 2005 Community Tracking Study Physician Survey were used to obtain 5 latent factors. Structural equation modeling was then applied to extract information on factor interrelations...
  3. Book Reviews
    Author(s) unavailable

    Hospital Topics 86(1):38 (2008)

  4. Assistance in Dying: Part I. Europe—The Vanguard

    Hospital Topics 85(1):35 (2007)

  5. Motivating the minimal performer.

    Hospital Topics 76(4):8 (1998) PMID 10538913

  6. Son of managed care: profile of healthcare in 2008 (and what to do about it).

    Hospital Topics 76(2):33 (1998) PMID 10339189

  7. Mentoring in healthcare organizations. Implications for female healthcare managers.

    Hospital Topics 74(4):23 (1996) PMID 10166288

    Although the already large number of women in the healthcare field and the demand for healthcare administrators are expected to grow into the next millennium, there are comparatively few women in healthcare management. Mentoring programs can help guide women into administrative positions in healthca...
  8. A prototype program for an on-site management training program. How to set up a certificate program.

    Hospital Topics 64(2):36 (1986) PMID 10275509

  9. Increased productivity through continuing education for health care managers.

    Hospital Topics 63(2):16 (1985) PMID 10271068

  10. A patient and employee advocacy program--how to get productivity and harmony.

    Hospital Topics 62(2):22 (1984) PMID 10264692