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Journal of Dairy Science

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  1. Effect of the mass of immunoglobulin (Ig)G intake and age at first colostrum feeding on serum IgG concentration in Holstein calves.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(10):6608 (2014) PMID 25064644

    We concluded that failure of transfer of passive immunity in newborn calves may be avoided if calves consume ≥3 L of colostrum with IgG concentration >40 mg/mL within 6 h after birth. These findings help define the opportunity to minimize failure of transfer of passive immunity to newborn calves und...
  2. Effects of abomasal infusion of conjugated linoleic acids, Sterculia foetida oil, and fish oil on production performance and the extent of f...

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(10):6411 (2014) PMID 25064649

    The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Sterculia foetida oil (STO), and fish oil (FO) on milk yield and composition, milk FA profile, Δ(9)-desaturation activity, and mammary expression of 2 isoforms of stearoyl-coenzyme A desaturase (SCD-1 and SCD-5...
  3. Quantitative evaluation of the relationship between dorsal wall length, sole thickness, and rotation of the distal phalanx in the bovine cla...

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(10):6271 (2014) PMID 25151877

    Computed tomography (CT) was performed on 800 untrimmed claws (400 inner claws and 400 outer claws) of 200 pairs of bovine hindlimbs to investigate the relationships between dorsal wall length and sole thickness, and between dorsal wall length and the relative rotation angle of distal phalanx-to-sol...
  4. Short communication: evaluation of an automated in-house hematology analyzer for bovine blood.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(9):5580 (2014) PMID 24997670

    The objective of this study was to evaluate the suitability of the V-Sight hematology analyzer (A. Menarini Pharma GmbH, Vienna, Austria) for bovine blood by a comparison with a reference device (Advia 2120i, Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany). In total, 97 blood samples were obtained from 75 dairy cows...
  5. The role of sodium in the salty taste of permeate.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(9):5356 (2014) PMID 25022679

    Many food companies are trying to limit the amount of sodium in their products. Permeate, the liquid remaining after whey or milk is ultrafiltered, has been suggested as a salt substitute. The objective of this study was to determine the sensory and compositional properties of permeates and to deter...
  6. Bovine colostrum: changes in lipid constituents in the first 5 days after parturition.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(8):5065 (2014) PMID 24931528

    Despite the great interest paid to protein components in colostrum, fat also plays an important role in the supply of essential nutrients to provide energy, increase metabolism, and protect the newborn calf against microbial infections. This work aimed to elucidate levels of different fat components...
  7. Effect of early or late resynchronization based on different methods of pregnancy diagnosis on reproductive performance of dairy cows.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(8):4932 (2014) PMID 24931532

    The aim of this study was to compare the reproductive performance of dairy cows subjected to early (ER) or late (LR) resynchronization programs after nonpregnancy diagnoses based on either pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAG) ELISA or transrectal palpation, respectively. In addition, the accurac...
  8. Shreddability of pizza Mozzarella cheese predicted using physicochemical properties.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(7):4097 (2014) PMID 24792787

    This study used rheological techniques such as uniaxial compression, wire cutting, and dynamic oscillatory shear to probe the physical properties of pizza Mozzarella cheeses. Predictive models were built using compositional and textural descriptors to predict cheese shreddability. Experimental chees...
  9. Risk factors for lameness and hock injuries in Holstein herds in China.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(7):4309 (2014) PMID 24835971

    The objective was to investigate the association between herd-level management and facility design and the prevalence of lameness and hock injuries in high-producing dairy cows on commercial freestall farms in China. Housing and management measures, such as stall design, bedding type, and milking ro...
  10. Effects of hydroxy trace minerals on oxidative metabolism, cytological endometritis, and performance of transition dairy cows.

    Journal of Dairy Science 97(6):3728 (2014) PMID 24731626

    Multiparous Holstein cows (n=60) were used to determine effects of supplementing hydroxy forms of Zn, Cu, and Mn compared with 2 other common supplementation strategies on oxidative metabolism, cytological endometritis, and performance of transition cows. After a 1-wk pretreatment period, cows were...