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Journal of Immunological Methods

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  1. Functional assessment of mouse complement pathway activities and quantification of C3b/C3c/iC3b in an experimental model of mouse renal ischaemia/reperfusion injury

    Journal of Immunological Methods 419:25 (2015)

    The complement system is an essential component of our innate immunity, both for the protection against infections and for proper handling of dying cells. However, the complement system can also contribute to tissue injury and inflammatory responses. In view of novel therapeutic possib...
  2. Corrigendum to “The pre-analytical processing of blood samples for detecting biomarkers on protein microarrays” [Journal of Immunological Methods volume 418 (2015) 39–51]

    Journal of Immunological Methods 419:57 (2015)

  3. Development and characterization of a free therapeutic ligand binding assay with assistance from kinetics modeling

    Journal of Immunological Methods 419:18 (2015)

    Bioanalytical data from early human studies conducted in normal volunteers are often used for building pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models that can predict outcomes of future studies in diseased patients. Thus, it is important to develop and validate reliable and accurate bioanalyti...
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    Journal of Immunological Methods 419:ii (2015)

  5. Comparison of cell-based and non-cell-based assay platforms for the detection of clinically relevant anti-drug neutralizing antibodies for immunogenicity assessment of therapeutic proteins

    Journal of Immunological Methods 419:1 (2015)

    Anti-drug neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) formed due to unwanted immunogenicity of a therapeutic protein point towards a mature immune response. NAb detection is important in interpreting the therapeutic's efficacy and safety in vivo. In vitro cell-based NAb assays provide a physiologic...
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    Journal of Immunological Methods 418:ii (2015)

  7. In vivo elimination of parental clones in general and site-directed mutagenesis

    Journal of Immunological Methods 417:67 (2015) PMID 25523926

    The Eco29k I restriction endonuclease is a Sac II isoschizomer that recognizes the sequence 5′-CCGCGG-3′ and is encoded, along with the Eco29k I methylase, in the Escherichia coli strain 29k. We have expressed the Eco29k I restriction–methylation system (RM2) in E. coli strain TG1 to p...
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    Journal of Immunological Methods 417:ii (2015)

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    Journal of Immunological Methods 416:ii (2015)

  10. High affinity anti-Internalin B VHH antibody fragments isolated from naturally and artificially immunized repertoires

    Journal of Immunological Methods 416:29 (2015) PMID 25450000

    The need for rapid and easy technologies for the detection of food-borne and environmental pathogens is essential for safeguarding the health of populations. Furthermore, distribution of tainted food and water can have consequences which can affect whole economies. Antibodies and antib...