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Journal of Small Animal Practice

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  1. Pharmacokinetics, tolerance and serum thromboxane inhibition of carprofen in the dog

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 31(9):443 (1990)

  2. Short-term antimicrobial therapy-a pilot compliance study using ampicillin in dogs

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 19(1-12):697 (1978)

  3. Reverse TPLO for asymmetrical -premature closure of the proximal tibial physis in a dog.

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 55(11):589 (2014) PMID 24962124

    A 4 · 5-month-old, 13 · 8 kg, female neutered mixed breed dog was presented for evaluation of acute non-weight bearing right pelvic limb lameness. Radiographs revealed a tibial tuberosity avulsion fracture for which open reduction/internal fixation was performed. Asymmetrical premature closure of th...
  4. The effect of season and track condition on injury rate in racing greyhounds.

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 55(8):399 (2014) PMID 24786195

    To identify environmental and management factors affecting injury rate in racing greyhounds. Surveys of racing injuries at two greyhound tracks in the UK were conducted using injury data collected by track veterinary surgeons. At Track A the relative frequency of common injuries was determined and c...
  5. Unilateral shunt formation with thoracic aortic dissection in a whippet.

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 55(6):337 (2014) PMID 24602076

    A three-year-old neutered male whippet was presented with intermittent, exercise-induced paraparesis. Femoral pulses were bilaterally absent. Neurologic examination was suggestive of a thoracolumbar myelopathy. Blood pressure measurements revealed hypotension in both pelvic limbs, hypertension in th...
  6. A rare case of simple syndactyly in a puppy.

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 55(3):170 (2014) PMID 24345200

    A case of non-syndromic, complete syndactyly involving all four limbs is described in a three-month-old male crossbreed dog for the first time. Syndactyly is a rare condition in most animal species, in dogs it has been infrequently reported. Findings of clinical, radiographic and cytogenetic analyse...
  7. Best practice for the pharmacological management of hyperthyroid cats with antithyroid drugs.

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 55(1):4 (2014) PMID 24372075

    Pharmacological management of feline hyperthyroidism offers a practical treatment option for many hyperthyroid cats. Two drugs have been licensed for cats in the last decade: methimazole and its pro-drug carbimazole. On the basis of current evidence and available tablet sizes, starting doses of 2·5...
  8. Temporally separated bilateral anal sac gland carcinomas in four dogs.

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 54(8):432 (2013) PMID 23659267

    Anal sac gland carcinoma arising from the apocrine secretory epithelium in the anal sac wall, is locally invasive and highly metastatic. The majority of anal sac gland carcinomas are unilateral on presentation, but bilateral tumours have been identified. This case series presents the outcome of four...
  9. Comparison of premedication with buprenorphine or methadone with meloxicam for postoperative analgesia in dogs undergoing orthopaedic surger...

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 54(8):418 (2013) PMID 23859702

    To determine whether methadone, administered before orthopaedic surgery, results in improved postoperative analgesia compared to buprenorphine. Thirty-eight dogs undergoing orthopaedic surgeries (the majority being tibial tuberosity advancement or elbow arthrotomy) were premedicated with 0 · 03 mg/k...
  10. Testicular torsion in a normally descended testicle in a cat.

    Journal of Small Animal Practice 54(3):164 (2013) PMID 23458646