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Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research

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  1. The effects of low levels of dietary trace minerals on the plasma levels, faecal excretion, health and performance of pigs in a hot African ...

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 76(3):291 (2009) PMID 21105596

    The present study was performed in order to evaluate the effects of lower than usual industry levels of dietary trace minerals on plasma levels, faecal excretion, performance, mortality and morbidity in growing-finishing pigs in a hot African climate. Group 1 (n = 100 pigs) received a diet with comm...
  2. A comparison of the infectivity of cryopreserved versus unfrozen infective larvae of Haemonchus contortus, Trichostrongylus colubriformis an...

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 66(4):285 (1999) PMID 10689701

    The infectivity for sheep of cryopreserved infective larvae (L3) of various strains of Haemonchus contortus, Trichostrongylus colubriformis and Trichostrongylus axei is compared using previously published results of trials conducted at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute laboratories, and of coll...
  3. A serological survey of bovine babesiosis in northern and eastern Zimbabwe.

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 66(4):255 (1999) PMID 10689698

    The geographical distribution of Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina antibodies in communal herds in northern and eastern Zimbabwe was determined using the ELISA technique. The animals in different herds in the study region had different levels of natural exposure to B. bovis (mean 32%, range 0-79%)...
  4. A study on bluetongue virus infection in Saudi Arabia using sentinel ruminants.

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 65(4):243 (1998) PMID 10192836

    Four sentinel herds comprising cattle, sheep and goats were established at various localities in Saudi Arabia. Maternal bluetongue antibodies were detected in all four sentinel herds but disappeared in 4-6 months, immediately followed by seroconversion in all. Serological results indicated that the...
  5. Dynamics of free-living ixodid ticks on a game ranch in the Central Province, Zambia.

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 65(1):49 (1998) PMID 9629590

    Free-living ixodid ticks were collected at monthly intervals from January to December 1996 by dragsampling the vegetation of Mtendere Game Ranch in the Chisamba District of the Central Province, Zambia. Ticks belonging to 11 species were recovered. Rhipicephalus appendiculatus was most abundant, com...
  6. Morphological evidence for infection of impala, Aepyceros melampus, platelets by a rickettsia-like organism.

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 64(4):317 (1997) PMID 9551485

    Ultrastructural studies revealed the presence of a parasite, believed to be Ehrlichia platys, in the blood platelets of impala. At the time of blood sampling all the animals appeared healthy. This is the first report on the presence of this rickettsia in these animals, previously described in canine...
  7. Seasonal abundance and parity of stock-associated Culicoides species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in different climatic regions in southern Af...

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 64(4):259 (1997) PMID 9551477

    Seasonal abundance and parity in Culicoides populations, in the vicinity of livestock, were determined at seven sites in five different climatic regions with 220 V down-draught blacklight-traps. In 418 collections made between October 1983 and December 1986, a total of 2,134,171 Culicoides, of which...
  8. Osteology of the pelvic limb of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana).

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 61(1):51 (1994) PMID 7898898

    The pelvic girdle was characterized by large, transversely-placed ilial wings. The femur was the longest bone of the skeleton and its fovea capitis was situated caudomedially between the epiphyseal line and the articular surface of the femoral head. A wedge-shaped patella articulated with the femora...
  9. Copper toxicity in ruminants: air pollution as a possible cause.

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 58(1):33 (1991) PMID 2052318

    Pathological findings and liver and kidney analyses confirmed that cattle had died of chronic copper poisoning on a farm in the north-eastern Transvaal. This is the first known published record of chronic copper intoxication of cattle in southern Africa. An epidemiological study revealed that a sour...
  10. The antibiotic sensitivity patterns of Bacillus anthracis isolated from the Kruger National Park.

    Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 58(1):17 (1991) PMID 1905000

    Forty-four isolates of Bacillus anthracis made from carcasses and soil in different localities of an endemic anthrax area in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, were tested by standard disc diffusion for their susceptibility to 18 different antibiotics. These were ampicillin, penicillin G, sulph...