Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske chirurgicke spolecnosti

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  1. [The survival of patients with radically non-resectable pancreatic cancer].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(6):222 (2016) PMID 27410755

    Pancreatic cancer (PDAC) is one of the most aggressive malignancies. Its poor prognosis is due to a combination of various factors, mainly aggressive biology of the tumour, non-specific symptoms in early stages, their underestimation, prolonged time to diagnosis and late onset of treatment. The ...
  2. [Videothoracoscopic excision of mediastinal parathyroid adenoma in primary hyperparathyroidism].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(6):245 (2016) PMID 27410759

    Primary hyperparathyroidism is a disease caused by elevated secretion of parathyroid hormone from pathological parathyroid glands. After the diagnosis, the success of its surgical solution depends predominantly on surgical management and experience of the surgeons. A special group is formed by e...
  3. [Juxtapapillary duodenal diverticulum causing pancreatobiliary problems - case report and literature review].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(7):294 (2016) PMID 27523179

    Juxtapapillary duodenal diverticula are reported as a potential cause of many pancreatobiliary diseases. However, data concerning this association is inconsistent and the role of the diverticulum is often underestimated or even denied in clinical practice. This case report and literature review ...
  4. [Cecal herniation through the foramen of Winslow as a rare cause of ileus].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(7):291 (2016) PMID 27523178

    Internal abdominal hernias present an infrequent surgical diagnosis and are usually encountered accidentally during surgery. They are generally considered as an extremely rare cause of ileus. In our article we present the case of a 69-year-old healthy female who was operated for suspected gastri...
  5. [Special contact splints in postoperative care for patients with the diabetic foot].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(7):257 (2016) PMID 27523173

    Adequate stabilization and off-loading of the lower limb is an integral part of postoperative care for patients with the diabetic foot. Off-loading can accelerate the healing process and reduce the number of complications and reoperations. The newly introduced method of the performance of remova...
  6. [Different techniques of vessel reconstruction in kidney transplantation 10-years experiences].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(6):231 (2016) PMID 27410757

    The aim of the study was to analyze own results from Transplant Center Kosice, Slovak Republic. In total 457 patients in the end-stage renal failure were included to the kidney transplant program. Following techniques were used: arterioplasty, individual renal artery anastomosis and multiple ren...
  7. [Intraparietal hemorrhage of the small intestine related to hypocoagulation as an unusual cause of hemoperitoneum].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(6):249 (2016) PMID 27410760

    The authors present a case of acute abdomen, spontaneous hemoperitoneum, caused by intraparietal hemorrhage of the small intestine in a patient with hypocoagulation that was pharmacologically induced by warfarin anticoagulation therapy. Potential etiology of the described case is considered by t...
  8. [Reverse strategy for synchronous colorectal liver metastases Therapeutic protocol completion, 3-year survival and progression pattern in 32 patients].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(7):280 (2016) PMID 27523176

    Reverse, liver-first strategy is an alternative for patients with complicated liver metastases where disease progression would prove inoperable, or for patients with locally advanced pelvic disease where postoperative complications after primary tumour resection may lead to delayed treatment of ...
  9. [Management of acute postoperative pain following thoracotomy - state of the art].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(6):217 (2016) PMID 27410754

    Postoperative pain management is an important part of complex perioperative care in patients undergoing thoracotomy, irrespective of the procedure type. Adequate pain relief leads to early mobilisation, improves respiratory functions and decreases global stress response. Thus, good perioperative...
  10. [Technical background of data collection for parametric observation of total mesorectal excision (TME) in rectal cancer].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(7):272 (2016) PMID 27523175

    Improvement in any human activity is preconditioned by inspection of results and providing feedback used for modification of the processes applied. Comparison of experts experience in the given field is another indispensable part leading to optimisation and improvement of processes, and optimall...
  11. [Rare injury of perineum and anorectum - case report].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(7):287 (2016) PMID 27523177

    Anorectal injuries, with the exception of iatrogenic damage, are rare. Considering the extensive range of causes and potential extent of damage, the diagnosis and treatment of these injuries requires an individual approach to every patient. Based on the extent of damage, the best way of treatmen...
  12. [Laparoscopic resection rectopexy in the treatment of obstructive defecation syndrome].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(6):227 (2016) PMID 27410756

    Obstructive defecation syndrome (ODS) presents a common medical problem, which can be caused by various pelvic disorders; multiple disorders are frequently diagnosed. At the present, a high number of corrective techniques are available via various surgical approaches. Laparoscopic resection rect...
  13. [Parametric monitoring of the quality of total mesorectal excision and surgical treatment of rectal carcinoma results of a multicenter study].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(7):262 (2016) PMID 27523174

    Tumour size and the quality of its complete surgical removal are the main prognostic factors in rectal cancer treatment. The number of postoperative local recurrences depends on whether the mesorectum has been completely removed - total mesorectal excision (TME) - and whether tumour-free resecti...
  14. [Risk of death in patients with unstable pelvic fracture and large vessel injury].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(5):192 (2016) PMID 27336746

    The aim of the study was to provide accurate data regarding the incidence of large vessel injury as part of pelvic trauma in patients treated during a 12-year period. In total, 715 patients admitted and treated for pelvic fractures from 2001-2012 were analyzed. Data on large vessel injuries (aor...
  15. [Analysis of 6,879 groin hernia surgeries in the Czech Republic using data from a health insurance company].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(5):188 (2016) PMID 27336745

    Information about actual results of provided surgical care is difficult to obtain. We tested the insurance company billing system in terms of data usability. 6,879 groin hernia surgeries carried out from 2008 to 2015 were analysed using registry data of one health insurance company. Groin hernia...
  16. [Double incision laparoscopic surgery].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(5):196 (2016) PMID 27336747

    Single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is a common alternative to classical laparoscopic surgery. However, material costs of SILS significantly limit the spreading of this method to most of surgical departments in the Czech Republic. Therefore we introduced DILS, which is technically more d...
  17. [Primary omental torsion in preschool girls case report].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(5):200 (2016) PMID 27336748

    Primary omental torsion is a rare finding in cases of suspected acute abdomen. It is more common in children. Secondary omental torsion is typical for adults. The authors describe two cases where pain in the right upper abdominal quadrant was caused by primary torsion of the omental corner due t...
  18. [Monster hernia programme in Hernia Centre Liberec].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(5):177 (2016) PMID 27336744

    The authors introduce a unique programme in the Czech Republic focused on extreme herniology. Patients with giant complex ventral hernias (monster hernias) have been concentrated in a high-volume hernia center with the most advanced perioperative intensive care since 2012. The authors present th...
  19. [Perineal hernia - hernia repair using rectus abdominis muscle flap].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(5):206 (2016) PMID 27336750

    Perineal hernia is defined as a protrusion of intra-abdominal viscera through a defect in the pelvic floor. Primary hernias are extremely rare; secondary (postoperative) hernias following pelvic surgery, especially abdominoperineal resection or pelvic exenteration, are more common. Impaired peri...
  20. [Endoscopic harvest of great saphenous vein for infrainguinal arterial bypass: summary of our initial experience].

    Rozhledy v chirurgii : mesicnik Ceskoslovenske ... 95(3):117 (2016) PMID 27091620

    This study was undertaken to determine the feasibility of endoscopic vein harvest (EVH) for infrainguinal arterial bypass surgery. We describe our initial experience and early results of bypasses done using this minimally invasive approach. From April 2012 to March 2015, 16 patients underwent 16...