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  1. Solar system exploration. Researchers fear merger could muffle their voice.

    Science 295(5552):37 (2002) PMID 11778024

  2. Solar system exploration. Technology is essential, but it's a tough sell.

    Science 295(5552):39 (2002) PMID 11778026

  3. Nuclear science. U.S. breeder reactor runs out of lives.

    Science 295(5552):31 (2002) PMID 11778020

  4. Antibiotic resistance. Livestock feed ban preserves drugs' power.

    Science 295(5552):27 (2002) PMID 11778017

  5. Cosmology. How the cosmic dark age ended.

    Science 295(5552):51 (2002) PMID 11778028

  6. Surface science. Water on a metal surface.

    Science 295(5552):58 (2002) PMID 11778032

  7. Germ cell survival through carbohydrate-mediated interaction with Sertoli cells.

    Science 295(5552):124 (2002) PMID 11778047

    Spermatogenesis is a precisely regulated process in which the germ cells closely interact with Sertoli cells. The molecular basis of this cell-cell adhesion is unknown. Here, we demonstrate that targeted disruption of Man2a2, a gene encoding alpha-mannosidase IIx (MX), an enzyme that forms inter...
  8. Combined functional genomic maps of the C. elegans DNA damage response.

    Science 295(5552):127 (2002) PMID 11778048

    Many human cancers originate from defects in the DNA damage response (DDR). Although much is known about this process, it is likely that additional DDR genes remain to be discovered. To identify such genes, we used a strategy that combines protein-protein interaction mapping and large-scale phen...
  9. A one-step conversion of benzene to phenol with a palladium membrane.

    Science 295(5552):105 (2002) PMID 11778042

    Existing phenol production processes tend to be energy-consuming and produce unwanted by-products. We report an efficient process using a shell-and-tube reactor, in which a gaseous mixture of benzene and oxygen is fed into a porous alumina tube coated with a palladium thin layer and hydrogen is ...
  10. Role of cell-specific SpoIIIE assembly in polarity of DNA transfer.

    Science 295(5552):137 (2002) PMID 11778051 PMCID PMC2885158

    SpoIIIE mediates postseptational chromosome partitioning in Bacillus subtilis, but the mechanism controlling the direction of DNA transfer remains obscure. Here, we demonstrated that SpoIIIE acts as a DNA exporter: When SpoIIIE was synthesized in the larger of the two cells necessary for sporula...