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  1. Graphene oxide-based dispersive micro-solid phase extraction for separation and preconcentration of nicotine from biological and environment...

    Talanta 130:71 (2014)

    Graphene oxide (GO) has showed great potential to use as an adsorbent in sample preparation procedures. In this research, GO was used as an effective adsorbent in a simple GO-based dispersive micro-solid phase extraction (GO-D-µ-SPE) method for isolation and preconcentration of nicotine pr...
  2. A nano-patterned self assembled monolayer (SAM) rutile titania cancer chip for rapid, low cost, highly sensitive, direct cancer analysis in ...

    Talanta 130:78 (2014)

    We developed a cancer chip by nano-patterning a highly sensitive SAM titanium surface capable of capturing and sensing concentrations as low as 10 cancer cells/mL from the environment by Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption and Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS). The current appr...
  3. A novel donor–acceptor receptor for selective detection of Pb2+and Fe3+ ions

    Talanta 130:103 (2014)

    An efficient and highly selective colorimetric and fluorescent receptor DTPDA has been synthesized for sensitive detection of Pb2+ and Fe3+ cations. The sensor DTPDA produces a facile, cost-effective and naked eye sensing platform to determine trace amounts of Pb2+ and Fe3+ metal ions by c...
  4. Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry combined with directly suspended droplet microextraction for determination of dissolved silicate in sur...

    Talanta 128:480 (2014)

    Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (EDXRF) is a well-established analytical technique successfully applied with good precision and accuracy to determination of many elements. However, in the case of elements of low atomic number, such as silicon, direct determination is hamp...
  5. Novel miniaturized sensors for potentiometric batch and flow-injection analysis (FIA) of perchlorate in fireworks and propellants

    Talanta 129:191 (2014)

    Three planar miniaturized perchlorate membrane sensors (3×5mm2) are prepared using a flexible Kaptan substrate coated with nitron-perchlorate (NT-ClO4) [sensor 1], methylene blue-perchlorate (MB-ClO4) [sensor II] and indium-porphyrin (In-Por) [sensor III] as electroactive materials in PVC...
  6. Sensitive electrochemical detection of dopamine with a DNA/graphene bi-layer modified carbon ionic liquid electrode

    Talanta 128:373 (2014)

    A DNA and graphene (GR) bi-layer modified carbon ionic liquid electrode (CILE) was fabricated by an electrodeposition method. GR nanosheets were electrodeposited on the surface of CILE at the potential of −1.3V and then DNA was further deposited at the potential of +0.5V on GR modified CIL...
  7. Miniaturization in voltammetry: Ultratrace element analysis and speciation with twenty-fold sample size reduction

    Talanta 128:273 (2014)

    We report a 20-fold reduction in sample size for trace and ultratrace elemental determination and speciation by conventional voltammetric instrumentation, introducing the lowest amount of sample (0.5mL) in which ultratrace detection has been performed up to now. This goal was achieved by a careful d...
  8. Laboratory and field validation of a Cry1Ab protein quantitation method for water

    Talanta 128:109 (2014)

    The widespread planting of crops expressing insecticidal proteins derived from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) has given rise to concerns regarding potential exposure to non-target species. These proteins are released from the plant throughout the growing season into soil an...
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    Talanta 124:IFC (2014)

  10. Design of molecularly imprinted polymers for diphenylamine sensing.

    Talanta 94:133 (2012) PMID 22608425

    A series of the polymers imprinted with diphenylamine (DPA) and respective non imprinted polymers were synthesized using precipitation polymerization. Synthesized polymers were characterized by Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy with Total Attenuated Reflectance (FTIR-ATR), Sca...