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  1. Dichoptic colour-saturation masking is unmasked by binocular luminance contrast

    Vision Research 116(Pt A):45 (2015) PMID 26410290

    We demonstrate a new type of interaction between suprathreshold colour (chromatic) and luminance contrast in the context of binocular, specifically dichoptic vision. A highly saturated isoluminant violet ‘mask’ disk in one eye greatly elevates detection thresholds for an isoluminant vi...
  2. The dynamics of cross-orientation masking at monocular and interocular sites

    Vision Research 116(Pt A):80 (2015) PMID 26452719

    • We measure the time constant and effect of SOA on cross-orientation masking (XOM). • Effects differ across color contrast, luminance contrast and their combinati...
  3. Selective disinhibition: A unified neural mechanism for predictive and post hoc attentional selection

    Vision Research 116:194 (2015)

    • Selective disinhibition can implement sensory and decisional biasing by attention. • Simulates the effects of both predictive and post hoc attentional cues. ...
  4. Augmented saliency model using automatic 3D head pose detection and learned gaze following in natural scenes

    Vision Research 116:113 (2015)

    • Learn gaze following+head fixation probability maps relative to actor’s head pose. • Weight cues based on type of current fixation (head/nonhead). ...
  5. Saccadic model of eye movements for free-viewing condition

    Vision Research 116:152 (2015)

    • We propose a new model to predict observer’s visual scanpath. • We model the joint distribution of saccade amplitudes and orientations. ...
  6. A mechanistic cortical microcircuit of attention for amplification, normalization and suppression

    Vision Research 116:241 (2015)

    • A novel attention model based on a simple cortical microcircuit is proposed. • In contrast to previous models, a two layer structure is used to spatially pool re...
  7. From shunting inhibition to dynamic normalization: Attentional selection and decision-making in brief visual displays

    Vision Research 116:219 (2015)

    • We derive normalization models as the asymptotic solutions of shunting equations. • We show how shunting models can describe the time course of attentional proce...
  8. Intrinsic and extrinsic effects on image memorability

    Vision Research 116:165 (2015)

    [Display omitted]
  9. Computational models of visual attention

    Vision Research 116:93 (2015)

  10. The influence of spatial congruency and movement preparation time on saccade curvature in simultaneous and sequential dual-tasks

    Vision Research 116(Pt A):25 (2015) PMID 26410291

    • Saccades curve away from attended non-saccade target locations in dual-tasks. • Curvature remains stable over movement preparation time in simultaneous dual-task...