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Brain and Language

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  1. Word and line bisection in typical and impaired readers and a cross-language comparison

    Brain and Language 150:143 (2015)

    • We tested word and line bisection among typical and impaired readers. • We performed also a cross language comparison. ...
  2. Neural dynamics of object noun, action verb and action noun production in picture naming

    Brain and Language 150:129 (2015)

    • We investigated action verb/noun and object noun productions with ERPs. • Differences observed between 200 and 400ms after picture onset. ...
  3. Contributions of bilateral white matter to chronic aphasia symptoms as assessed by diffusion tensor MRI

    Brain and Language 150:117 (2015)

    • We investigated the role of the arcuate fasciculus (AF) in post-stroke aphasia. • We found that left hemispheric AF damage correlates with aphasia symptoms. ...
  4. Changes in functional connectivity related to direct training and generalization effects of a word finding treatment in chronic aphasia

    Brain and Language 150:103 (2015)

    • We explored neuroplasticity related to training and generalization in aphasia. • Direct training coincided with region-specific increased functional connectivity...
  5. Apraxic agraphia following thalamic damage: Three new cases

    Brain and Language 150:153 (2015)

    • Apraxic agraphia may occur after a thalamic stroke. • Apraxic agraphia after thalamic lesions may follow from diaschisis affecting the frontal writing center. ...
  6. Structural correlates of spoken language abilities: A surface-based region-of interest morphometry study

    Brain and Language 149:46 (2015) PMID 26185048 PMCID PMC4587378

    • Verbal fluency performance correlates with the anatomy of the IFG and insula. • Sentence generation correlates with the anatomy of parietal and prefrontal region...
  7. Complex linguistic rules modulate early auditory brain responses

    Brain and Language 149:55 (2015) PMID 26186230

    • Low level linguistic rules impact on the perception of speech sounds. • We investigate when complex rules impact on sound categorization with EEG. ...
  8. Neural changes associated with semantic processing in healthy aging despite intact behavioral performance

    Brain and Language 149:118 (2015) PMID 26282079

    • Neuronal changes underlying semantic processing occur during the course of aging. • Young (vs old) adults recruit the inferior prefrontal regions to a greater ex...
  9. Context-dependent impact of presuppositions on early magnetic brain responses during speech perception

    Brain and Language 149:1 (2015) PMID 26185045

    • MEG data show significant effects of discourse coherence during listening. • Cross-correlation analysis yielded context effects on M50c and M200c. ...
  10. Phonological processing in speech perception: What do sonority differences tell us?

    Brain and Language 149:77 (2015) PMID 26186232

    • Sensitivity of phonological brain areas depends on presentation modality. • Sonority differences do not tax processing during passive listening. ...