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Brain and Language

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Proquest, Gale, Rcgp, Ingenta, CSA, and Sciencedirect from 1974

  1. On the relationship between degree of hand-preference and degree of language lateralization

    Brain and Language 144:10 (2015)

    • We tested the relation between degree of language lateralization and degree of hand-preference. • Degree of hand-preference does not mirror degree of language la...
  2. Evidence for a rhythm perception deficit in children who stutter

    Brain and Language 144:26 (2015)

    • We examined auditory rhythm discrimination in children who do and do not stutter. • Children who stutter showed worse rhythm discrimination compared to matched c...
  3. Bilinguals at the “cocktail party”: Dissociable neural activity in auditory-linguistic brain regions reveals neurobiological basis for nonnative listeners’ speech-in-noise recognition deficits

    Brain and Language 143 (2015) PMID 25747886

    • We examined neural correlates of late bilinguals’ speech-in-noise deficits. • Bilinguals required ∼10 dB better signal-to-noise ratio to match monolinguals. ...
  4. Reversing Ribot: Does regression hold in language of prodromal Alzheimer’s disease?

    Brain and Language 143:1 (2015) PMID 25707009

    • We test Ribot’s hypothesis in language of prodromal Alzheimer’s disease. • We compare child language to language deterioration in mild cognitive impairment. ...
  5. Cover 4: TOC/Barcode
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    Brain and Language 143:OBC (2015)

  6. Cover 2: Editorial Board
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    Brain and Language 143:IFC (2015)

  7. Phonology and arithmetic in the language–calculation network

    Brain and Language 143:97 (2015) PMID 25797099

    • Both phonology and arithmetic engage the perisylvian language network. • There are regional differences between activation for phonology and arithmetic. ...
  8. Reflections of word processing in the insular cortex: A sub-regional parcellation based functional assessment

    Brain and Language 142:1 (2015) PMID 25656317

    • Recent parcellation maps split the insula into distinct sub-regional clusters. • Word processing activity distribution follows a sub-insular cluster organization...
  9. Modulations of the auditory M100 in an imitation task

    Brain and Language 142:18 (2015) PMID 25656319

    • Participants performed an online imitation task while MEG was measured. • M100 suppression was observed in an imitation task. ...
  10. Morphological derivation overflow as a result of disruption of the left frontal aslant white matter tract

    Brain and Language 142:54 (2015) PMID 25658634

    • We report a single case study on language production evaluated using electrical stimulation. • Intraoperative verb generation resulted in a morphological derivat...