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Urologic Clinics of North America

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  1. Pressure flow studies in men and women.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 41(3):453 (2014) PMID 25063602

    There are well established pressure flow criteria and nomograms for urinary obstruction in men. The pressure flow criteria for female urinary obstruction are not well established due to differences in female voiding dynamics as compared to men. Typically, other information such as radiographic data...
  2. Office-based stone management.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 40(4):481 (2013) PMID 24182971

    As hospital resources are becoming strained, ambulatory surgical centers and day hospitals are being increasingly utilized. For the urologist, a working knowledge of local anesthetics and conscious sedation protocols are important, as many surgical kidney-stone procedures can be performed without ge...
  3. The contemporary ambulatory urologic practice.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 40(4):xi (2013) PMID 24182982

  4. Tips for successful open surgical reconstruction of posterior urethral disruption injuries.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 40(3):381 (2013) PMID 23905936

    This article provides an overview of the open surgical management of posterior urethral disruption injuries. The discussion includes the evaluation of the patient before surgery with a focus on urethral imaging and details of posterior urethroplasty surgical technique. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc...
  5. Reconstruction of radiation-induced injuries of the lower urinary tract.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 40(3):407 (2013) PMID 23905939

    This article presents an overview of reconstruction of lower urinary tract injury caused by radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Discussions include cause, patient evaluation, reconstructive techniques, and outcomes following repair. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. Advanced clinical states in prostate cancer.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 39(4):561 (2012) PMID 23084531

    The classification of clinical disease states within advanced prostate cancer is set apart from other solid tumors largely through measurement of prostate-specific antigen in the blood. This testing has allowed the distinction between the castration-sensitive and the castration-resistant states, to...
  7. Robotic/laparoscopic prolapse repair: role of hysteropexy: a urogynecology perspective.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 39(3):343 (2012) PMID 22877717

    This article addresses uterine preservation at the time of pelvic floor repair. Currently available data on the effectiveness of pelvic organ prolapse repairs is based on studies in which women underwent hysterectomy at the time of pelvic floor repair, and cannot be extrapolated to hysteropexy. Seve...
  8. The influence of surgical approach to the renal mass on renal function.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 39(2):191 (2012) PMID 22487762

    The National Kidney Foundation estimates that 26 million Americans are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The high prevalence of obesity, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes places millions more at risk for developing CKD. Although long-term sufficient renal function is routine in scree...
  9. Testosterone deficiency and risk factors in the metabolic syndrome: implications for erectile dysfunction.

    Urologic Clinics of North America 38(2):175 (2011) PMID 21621084

    The most common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) is penile vascular insufficiency. This is usually part of a generalized endothelial dysfunction and is related to several conditions, including type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity. These conditions underlie the pathop...
  10. Dilemmas and controversies in the management of prostate cancer continue to present a vexing challenge to physicians and patients dealing wi...

    Urologic Clinics of North America 37(1):xiii (2010) PMID 20152513