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  1. MRI for regional back pain: need for less imaging, better understanding.

    JAMA 289(21):2863 (2003) PMID 12783918

  2. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and Alzheimer disease: what's next?

    JAMA 289(21):2865 (2003) PMID 12783919

  3. JAMA patient page. Autopsy.

    JAMA 289(21):2894 (2003) PMID 12783920

  4. Paroxetine controlled release in the treatment of menopausal hot flashes: a randomized controlled trial.

    JAMA 289(21):2827 (2003) PMID 12783913

    Standard therapy for hot flashes has been hormone replacement with estradiol or progestational agents, but recent data suggest that antidepressants inhibiting serotonin reuptake may also be effective. To evaluate a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (paroxetine controlled release [CR]) in tr...
  5. Variation in use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for acute respiratory tract infection.

    JAMA 289(21):2797; author reply 2797 (2003) PMID 12783910

  6. Outcomes of medical vs invasive therapy for elderly patients with angina.

    JAMA 289(21):2794; author reply 2794 (2003) PMID 12783906

  7. FDA issues warning on "all-natural" herbal product found to contain viagra.

    JAMA 289(21):2786 (2003) PMID 12783897

  8. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cluster of severe acute respiratory syndrome cases among protected health-care workers--Toronto, Canada, April 2003.
    Author(s) unavailable

    JAMA 289(21):2788 (2003) PMID 12783898

  9. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Update: severe acute respiratory syndrome--United States, May 14, 2003.
    Author(s) unavailable

    JAMA 289(21):2790 (2003) PMID 12783900

  10. Accurate measurement of blood pressure.

    JAMA 289(21):2793; author reply 2793 (2003) PMID 12783904

  11. Clinical features and short-term outcomes of 144 patients with SARS in the greater Toronto area.

    JAMA 289(21):2801 (2003) PMID 12734147

    Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is an emerging infectious disease that first manifested in humans in China in November 2002 and has subsequently spread worldwide. To describe the clinical characteristics and short-term outcomes of SARS in the first large group of patients in North Ameri...
  12. Effects of rofecoxib or naproxen vs placebo on Alzheimer disease progression: a randomized controlled trial.

    JAMA 289(21):2819 (2003) PMID 12783912

    Laboratory evidence that inflammatory mechanisms contribute to neuronal injury in Alzheimer disease (AD), along with epidemiological evidence, suggests that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may favorably influence the course of the disease. To determine whether treatment with a sele...
  13. Changes in rates of autopsy-detected diagnostic errors over time: a systematic review.

    JAMA 289(21):2849 (2003) PMID 12783916

    Substantial discrepanies exist between clinical diagnoses and findings at autopsy. Autopsy may be used as a tool for quality management to analyze diagnostic discrepanies. To determine the rate at which autopsies detect important, clinically missed diagnoses, and the extent to which this rate ha...
  14. Belt-positioning booster seats and reduction in risk of injury among children in vehicle crashes.

    JAMA 289(21):2835 (2003) PMID 12783914

    Although more than a dozen states have ratified laws that require booster seats for children older than 4 years, most states continue to have child restraint laws that only cover children through age 4 years. Lack of booster seat effectiveness data may be a barrier to passage of stronger child r...
  15. A host of novel agents for treating psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis stir interest.

    JAMA 289(21):2779 (2003) PMID 12783895

  16. Researchers seek new uses for sildenafil.

    JAMA 289(21):2784 (2003) PMID 12783896

  17. Rapid magnetic resonance imaging vs radiographs for patients with low back pain: a randomized controlled trial.

    JAMA 289(21):2810 (2003) PMID 12783911

    Faster magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning has made MRI a potential cost-effective replacement for radiographs for patients with low back pain. However, whether rapid MRI scanning results in better patient outcomes than radiographic evaluation or a cost-effective alternative is unknown. To...
  18. Severe acute respiratory syndrome: providing care in the face of uncertainty.

    JAMA 289(21):2861 (2003) PMID 12734146

  19. Acetylcysteine and renal function following coronary angiographic procedures.

    JAMA 289(21):2795; author reply 2796 (2003) PMID 12783908

  20. Length of stay in home care before and after the 1997 Balanced Budget Act.

    JAMA 289(21):2841 (2003) PMID 12783915

    Prior to 1997, home health agencies (HHAs) were reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis and had incentives to provide more services. The 1997 Balanced Budget Act (BBA) reduced payments for home care services to help control Medicare spending. To examine the length of stay in home care before and a...