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Molecular Immunology

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  1. Contribution of the complement Membrane Attack Complex to the bactericidal activity of human serum.

    Molecular Immunology 65(2):328 (2015) PMID 25725315

    We included the highly specific C5 cleavage inhibitor OmCI to specifically block the formation of the MAC. Using a C5 conversion analysis tool, we monitored the efficacy of the inhibitor during the incubations. Our findings indicate that 'serum-sensitive' bacteria are not necessarily killed by the M...
  2. Subcellular localization and activation of ADAM proteases in the context of FasL shedding in T lymphocytes.

    Molecular Immunology 65(2):416 (2015) PMID 25745808

    We recently reported that ADAM10 is highly abundant on T cells whereas its close relative ADAM17 is expressed at low levels and transiently appears at the cell surface upon stimulation. Since FasL is also stored intracellularly and brought to the plasma membrane upon stimulation, we addressed where...
  3. EGR-1 and DUSP-1 are important negative regulators of pro-allergic responses in airway epithelium.

    Molecular Immunology 65(1):43 (2015) PMID 25638726

    We silenced the expression of EGR-1 or DUSP-1 in the airway epithelial cell line NCI-H292. The cell lines were stimulated in a 24-h time course with the house dust mite allergen or poly(I:C). RNA expression profiles of cytokines were established using q-PCR and protein levels were determined in supe...
  4. Immunization with recombinant bivalent chimera r-Cpae confers protection against alpha toxin and enterotoxin of Clostridium perfringens type...

    Molecular Immunology 65(1):51 (2015) PMID 25645504

    We synthesized a bivalent chimeric protein r-Cpae comprising C-terminal binding regions of αC and CPE using structural vaccinology rationale and assessed its protective efficacy against both alpha toxin (αC) and enterotoxin (CPE) respectively, in murine model. Active immunization of mice with r-Cpae...
  5. Differential expression of immune-related cytokine genes in response to J group avian leukosis virus infection in vivo.

    Molecular Immunology 64(1):106 (2015) PMID 25438822

    We used RT-qPCR technology to test the cytokine mRNA expression levels in various immune tissues, including the spleen, bursa of fabricius and cecal tonsil, in the days following ALV-J infection. The results indicated that in the infected group, the expression levels of interleukin-6 (IL-6), IL-18,...
  6. Do follicular dendritic cells regulate lupus-specific B cells?

    Molecular Immunology 62(2):283 (2014) PMID 24636642 PMCID PMC4160379

    We describe recently published results in which a B cell receptor-knock-in mouse strain specific for nucleolar self-antigens was bred with mice deficient in complement C4 and discuss the implications for the lupus field. Absence of C4 leads to a breakdown in the elimination of autoreactive B cell cl...
  7. IgE in the absence of allergen induces the expression of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in the rat basophilic cell-line RBL-2H3.

    Molecular Immunology 62(1):114 (2014) PMID 24980870

    We examined whether IgE under allergen-free conditions could stimulate basophils and lead to the production of MCP-1. Exposure of the rat basophilic cell-line RBL-2H3 to IgE without allergen resulted in a dose- and time-dependent induction of MCP-1 expression at both the mRNA and protein level. Alth...
  8. Regulation of T lymphocyte activation by microRNA-21.

    Molecular Immunology 59(2):163 (2014) PMID 24631982

    We performed a microRNA array profiling with Jurkat cells. We found that microRNA-21 (miR-21), which is upregulated in many tumors by targeting a series of tumor suppressor genes to promote tumor growth, was significantly increased in activated Jurkat cells and primary CD4(+) T lymphocytes compared...
  9. Immune regulatory activities of fowlicidin-1, a cathelicidin host defense peptide.

    Molecular Immunology 59(1):55 (2014) PMID 24491488

    We previously showed that a chicken HDP, namely fowlicidin-1(6-26), has potent antibacterial activities in vitro and in vivo. Here we further revealed that fowl-1(6-26) possesses strong immunomodulatory properties. The peptide is chemotactic specifically to neutrophils, but not monocytes or lymphocy...
  10. Therapeutic potential of anti-IL-1β IgY in guinea pigs with allergic asthma induced by ovalbumin.

    Molecular Immunology 58(1):139 (2014) PMID 24355520

    Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β) plays pivotal roles in the progression of allergic airway inflammation. This study aims to determine whether the blockade of IL-1β can inhibit airway inflammation in guinea pigs with allergic asthma induced by the inhalation of aerosolized ovalbumin (OVA). Healthy guinea p...