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Molecular Immunology

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  1. 8th International Workshop on Antigen Processing and Presentation, held June 10th–13th, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA, USA
    Author(s) unavailable

    Molecular Immunology 68(2):133 (2015)

  2. Editorial Board/ Publication Information
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    Molecular Immunology 68(2):IFC (2015)

  3. Complement and phagocytes – A complicated interaction

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):31 (2015)

    Mohamed Daha and I share a common interest in innate immunity. Working in institutes only 25 miles away from each other, that meant ample opportunity and relevance for collaboration. And so we did. Moreover, we have both been members of boards and councils of Dutch national organizatio...
  4. Complement system activation in ANCA vasculitis: A translational success story?

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):53 (2015)

    The ANCA-associated vasculitides (AAV) are characterized by pauci-immune necrotizing small to medium size vessel vasculitis frequently including necrotizing crescentric glomerulonephritis. Neutrophil activation by ANCA appears a primary pathogenic event. More recently, the complement s...
  5. Reactivity in ELISA with DNA-loaded nucleosomes in patients with proliferative lupus nephritis

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):20 (2015)

    • Both nucleosomes and dsDNA are nephritogenic targets in lupus nephritis. Therefore, we compared in patients with proliferative lupus nephritis the reactivity in ELISA towards dsDNA-loaded nucleosomes with the reactivity tow...
  6. Editorial Board/ Publication Information
    Author(s) unavailable

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):IFC (2015)

  7. The pivotal role of the mentor in triggering the research on Complement system

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):25 (2015)

    • Complement is continuing to receive growing attention by the scientific community. • Complement is involved in several diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis...
  8. Parallel activities and interactions between antimicrobial peptides and complement in host defense at the airway epithelial surface

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):28 (2015)

    • Antimicrobial peptides and complement contribute to host defense and tissue injury at the airway epithelial surface. • Antimicrobial peptides and complement are ...
  9. Moh Daha, a successful scientist with a strong personality, who loves to stimulate and support his colleagues

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):2 (2015)

    Mohammed R. Daha is a successful and very productive scientist. He is internationally recognised for his expertise of Complement. In addition, he contributed to many other fields of Immunology, in particular Clinical Immunology within Internal Medicine. He did not only contribute to Ne...
  10. Membranous nephropathy: A fairy tale for immunopathologists, nephrologists and patients

    Molecular Immunology 68(1):57 (2015)

    • Membranous nephropathy is an antibody and complement mediated kidney disease. • The podocyte is the target and source of the antigens. ...