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Journal of Neuroscience Methods

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  1. Use of von Frey filaments to assess nociceptive sensitization in the hornworm, Manduca sexta

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:139 (2016)

    • Von Frey filaments were used to quantify the defensive strike response in M. sexta. • The first response, up-and-down and SUDO methods were assessed and compared...
  2. Reconstruction of digit images from human brain fMRI activity through connectivity informed Bayesian networks

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:159 (2016)

    • We employed Bayesian networks for decoding-reconstruction. • Brain connectivity information was exploiting in decoding-reconstruction procedure through Bayesian ...
  3. mpdcm: A toolbox for massively parallel dynamic causal modeling

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:7 (2016)

    • “mpdcm” is a toolbox for fast simulation of Dynamic causal models for fMRI on GPUs. • Parallelization reduces computation time by up to two orders of magnitude. ...
  4. Development and initial evaluation of a semi-automatic approach to assess perivascular spaces on conventional magnetic resonance images

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:34 (2016)

  5. A fully parallel in time and space algorithm for simulating the electrical activity of a neural tissue

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:17 (2016)

    • Description of a method coupling parallelization in time and space on the GPU. • Resolution of a model describing the propagation of the electrical signal in a n...
  6. Spatially Structured Sparse Morphological Component Separation for voltage-sensitive dye optical imaging

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:76 (2016)

    Highlights • We present a new tool to denoise and remove artifacts from voltage-sensitive dye optical imaging. • It is based on a mathematical modeling o...
  7. Estimating functional connectivity using 2D tangential components in MEG sensor space

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:64 (2016)

    Highlights • The Euclidean norm of imaginary coherence is proposed as a connectivity measure. • The new measure is obtained independently of local coordi...
  8. Custom fit 3D-printed brain holders for comparison of histology with MRI in marmosets

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:55 (2016)

    • MRI and histopathology are complementary techniques, and data from each can inform the interpretation of the other.. • A method is described to facilitate compar...
  9. A zinc fixative for 3D visualization of cerebral capillaries and pericytes

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:1 (2016)

    • CD31 immunohistochemical staining of zinc-fixated, thick (100μm) brain tissue resulted in complete visualization of cerebral capillaries in mice. • Fluorescent c...
  10. Discriminating preictal and interictal brain states in intracranial EEG by sample entropy and extreme learning machine

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 257:45 (2016)

    • We build a multidimensional sample entropy feature extraction framework for epileptic seizure prediction. • High classification accuracies are obtained on 21 epi...