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Journal of Neuroscience Methods

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  1. A method for measuring brain partial pressure of oxygen in unanesthetized unrestrained subjects: the effect of acute and chronic hypoxia on ...

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 193(2):217 (2010) PMID 20817029 PMCID PMC3044503

    We present a novel fiber optic method to measure brain PtO(2). This method can be used in unanesthetized, unrestrained animals, provides absolute values for PO(2), has a stable calibration, does not consume oxygen and is MRI compatible. Brain PtO(2) was studied during acute hypoxia, as well as befor...
  2. Assessing spatial vision - automated measurement of the contrast-sensitivity function in the hooded rat.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 97(2):103 (2000) PMID 10788664

    We therefore designed an economical and rapid method to assess the hooded rat's CSF, using a computer monitor to display stimuli and an infrared touch screen to record responses. A six-alternative forced-choice task presented trials in which a sine-wave grating (S+), varying in spatial frequency and...
  3. Independent component analyses for quantifying neuronal ensemble interactions.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 94(1):141 (1999) PMID 10638821

    We describe applications of principal component analysis (PCA) and independent component analysis (ICA) (Cardoso J-F, Souloumiac A. IEE-Proc F 1993;140:362-70; Hyvarinen A, Oja E. Neural Comput 1997;9:1483-92; Lee TW, Girolami M, Sejnowski TJ. Neural Comp 1999;11:417-41) to neuronal ensemble data. S...
  4. A simple analytical method for determining the steady-state potential in models of geometrically complex neurons.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 82(2):123 (1998) PMID 9700684

    A method is presented for solving the cable equation for a spiking neuron below firing threshold or a nonspiking neuron of arbitrary geometry under constant stimulation. The neuron structure is considered as a tree composed of a set of cylinder cables of three types (terminal, intermediate and branc...
  5. Development of a new clot formation protocol for standardized in vitro investigations of sonothrombolysis.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 237:26 (2014) PMID 25193162

    We aim to establish a simple but physiologically grounded protocol for in vitro coagulation to enable standardized sonothrombolysis investigations. Clots were generated from platelet-rich plasma (PRP) obtained by centrifugation (10min, 180×g) of human venous blood (VB). PRP was mixed with the bounda...
  6. A high-throughput semi-automated preparation for filtered synaptoneurosomes.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 235:35 (2014) PMID 24997341

    We developed new steps for tissue homogenization and filtration that transform the preparation of synaptoneurosomes to a high-throughput, semi-automated process. We implemented a standardized protocol with easy to follow steps for homogenizing multiple samples simultaneously using a FastPrep tissue...
  7. Cost-efficient method and device for the study of stationary tissular gas bubble formation in the mechanisms of decompression sickness.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 236:40 (2014) PMID 25064190

    We designed a normobaric-hyperbaric chamber for studying specifically the contribution of stationary tissular gas bubbles in the mechanisms of DCS in individually-superfused tissue samples. For validating our method, we investigated in rat brain slices exposed to 0.4MPa air absolute pressure whether...
  8. Quantitative image analysis tool to study the plasma membrane localization of proteins and cortical actin in neuroendocrine cells.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 236:1 (2014) PMID 25109903

    We developed an image analysis algorithm, named plasma membrane analysis in chromaffin cells (PlasMACC). PlasMACC enables automatic detection of the plasma membrane region and quantitative analysis of multi-fluorescent signals from spherical cells. PlasMACC runs in the image analysis software ImageJ...
  9. Neurite-J: An Image-J plug-in for axonal growth analysis in organotypic cultures.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 236:26 (2014) PMID 25124852

    We designed and set-up a plug-in to quantify axonal growth in 3D organotypic cultures. DRG and SC were cultured in a 3D collagen matrix. Explants were maintained in culture medium (control condition) or in culture medium supplemented with neurotrophins. Neurites were immunolabeled against RT-97 and...
  10. Measuring behavior. Introduction.

    Journal of Neuroscience Methods 234:1 (2014) PMID 24960424