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Trends in Neurosciences

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  1. Editorial Board and Contents
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    Trends in Neurosciences 38(4):i (2015)

  2. The human histaminergic system in neuropsychiatric disorders

    Trends in Neurosciences 38(3):167 (2015)

    • Neuronal histamine production shows a diurnal rhythm, but not in neurodegeneration. • The histaminergic system shows alterations in various neuropsychiatric diso...
  3. Editorial Board and Contents
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    Trends in Neurosciences 38(3):i (2015)

  4. Congenital Cardiac Anomalies and White Matter Injury

    Trends in Neurosciences (2015)

    • Complex CHD is often associated with developmental delay and behavioral problems. • Currently, the neurological deficits displayed by CHD patients are irreversib...
  5. Glial Fibrillary acidic protein: From intermediate filament assembly and gliosis to neurobiomarker

    Trends in Neurosciences (2015)

    • GFAP is tightly regulated at mRNA level and by post-translational modifications. • GFAP plays a critical role in astrogliosis after CNS injury and in neurodegene...
  6. The Adaptive Human Parental Brain: Implications for Children's Social Development

    Trends in Neurosciences (2015)

    • The parental caregiving network integrates core limbic with cortical socio-cognitive networks. • Human parental brain is characterized by plasticity, uniquely ex...
  7. NOW vs LATER brain circuits: Implications for obesity and addiction

    Trends in Neurosciences (2015)

    • Evolutionarily optimized mechanisms to delay gratification are under environmental threat. • The science of DD has a huge role to play in shaping policies with h...
  8. Thalamic pathways underlying prefrontal cortex–medial temporal lobe oscillatory interactions

    Trends in Neurosciences 38(1):3 (2015) PMID 25455705

    • Three thalamo–cortical circuits link declarative memory systems and neural oscillations. • The anterior thalamus connects the hippocampus with the prefrontal cor...
  9. Hypothalamic microinflammation: a common basis of metabolic syndrome and aging

    Trends in Neurosciences 38(1):36 (2015) PMID 25458920 PMCID PMC4282817

    • Introducing the concept of hypothalamic microinflammation. • Discussing intracellular and cellular mediators of hypothalamic microinflammation. ...
  10. Editorial Board and Contents
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    Trends in Neurosciences 38(1):i (2015)