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  1. MERS coronavirus envelope protein has a single transmembrane domain that forms pentameric ion channels

    Virus Research 201:61 (2015) PMID 25733052

    • The envelope protein of MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV E protein) has been purified. • MERS-CoV E protein forms pentameric ion channels. ...
  2. Population structure of blueberry mosaic associated virus: Evidence of reassortment in geographically distinct isolates

    Virus Research 201:79 (2015) PMID 25733053

    • BlMaV isolates from North America and Slovenia display low genetic diversity. • BlMaV genes are under strong purifying selection. ...
  3. John Michael Thresh – On lifelong war with plant viruses
    Author(s) unavailable

    Virus Research 201 (2015)

  4. Identification of the interaction domains of white spot syndrome virus envelope proteins VP28 and VP24

    Virus Research 200:24 (2015) PMID 25637460

    • The accurately interaction domains of WSSV VP28 and VP24 were mapped. • There are two VP28-binding domains in VP24 and one VP24-binding domain in VP28. ...
  5. Identification of the interaction between vimentin and nucleocapsid protein of transmissible gastroenteritis virus

    Virus Research 200:56 (2015)

    • N protein of TGEV interacted with vimentin was firstly identified in this study. • Vimentin was required for TGEV replication in host cell. ...
  6. Small interfering (Si) RNA mediated baculovirus replication reduction without affecting target gene expression

    Virus Research 199:68 (2015) PMID 25630059

    • We designed short interfering RNAs targeting baculovirus gp64 and dbp genes. • GP64 and DBP siRNAs reduced GP64 and DBP expression, respectively. ...
  7. Avian Influenza in wild birds from Chile, 2007–2009

    Virus Research 199:42 (2015) PMID 25602438

    • We isolated and sequenced avian influenza strains from gulls in Chile. • Phylogenetic analyses suggest closest similarity with strains from North America. ...
  8. Negative effect of heat shock on feline calicivirus release from infected cells is associated with the control of apoptosis

    Virus Research 198:44 (2015) PMID 25599602

    • FCV replication results in the induction of apoptosis in cultured cells. • Survival of apoptotic cells can be enhanced by the expression of Hsp. ...
    Author(s) unavailable

    Virus Research 198:IFC (2015)

  10. Lack of antiviral antibody response in koalas infected with koala retroviruses (KoRV)

    Virus Research 198:30 (2015)

    • Koalas from zoos as well as from Australia had no antibodies against the KoRV-A. • The tolerance against KoRV-A has implications for future vaccination studies. ...