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  1. Lactobacillus plantarum vaccine vector expressing hemagglutinin provides protection against H9N2 challenge infection

    Virus Research 211:46 (2016)

    • IFN-γ cytokines, and CD107a+ producing CD3+CD8+ T cells in the spleen and MLN were induced by the NC8-pSIP409-HA-DCpep in mouse models. • NC8-pSIP409-HA-DCpep pr...
  2. Comparison of small RNA profiles in Nicotiana benthamiana and Solanum lycopersicum infected by polygonum ringspot tospovirus reveals host-specific responses to viral infection

    Virus Research 211:38 (2016)

    • PolRSV vsRNA size profile is different between Nicotiana benthamiana and tomato. • Allocation of vsRNAs to the M and S genomic segments is host-specific. ...
  3. Identification of two amino acids within E2 important for the pathogenicity of chimeric classical swine fever virus

    Virus Research 211:79 (2016)

    • Mutations in attenuated chimeric virus mediating virulence are identified. • Substitutions T745I and M979K are responsible for the acquisition of pathogenicity. ...
  4. Evaluation and identification of candidate genes for artificial microRNA-mediated resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus

    Virus Research 211:151 (2016)

    • Tospoviruses are major economic constraint to many field and horticultural crops. • First report of artificial microRNAs based resistance to tomato spotted wilt ...
  5. Aquatic viruses induce host cell death pathways and its application

    Virus Research 211:133 (2016)

    • Aquaculture has expanded rapidly over the past three decades to become a major economic and the most efficient agricultural production industry in the world. • D...
  6. Generation of a recombinant West Nile virus stably expressing the Gaussia luciferase for neutralization assay

    Virus Research 211:17 (2016)

    • A productive Gaussia luciferase WNV reporter virus was generated. • The stable reporter virus with high titers was obtained through plaque purification. ...
  7. A determinant of disease symptom severity is located in RNA2 of broad bean wilt virus 2

    Virus Research 211:25 (2016)

    • Construction of infectious cDNA clones of two distinct isolates of BBWV2. • Agrobacterium-mediated inoculation system for BBWV2. ...
  8. A novel delivery platform based on Bacteriophage MS2 virus-like particles

    Virus Research 211:9 (2016)

    • Here we reviewed Bacteriophage MS2 virus-like particles, including introduction to their structure, their potential as a delivery platform, and their expected use in medicine and other fields. ...
  9. Association of elevated rotavirus-specific antibody titers with HBGA secretor status in Swedish individuals: The FUT2 gene as a putative susceptibility determinant for infection

    Virus Research 211:64 (2016)

    • We examined changes in rotavirus specific antibody titers in individuals with different FUT2/FUT3 SNPs. • Secretors show elevated serum specific IgGs. ...
  10. Immune suppressive activity of the influenza fusion peptide

    Virus Research 211:126 (2016)

    • An immune suppressive domain is identified in the fusion peptide of influenza viruses. • This domain is active when presented in a dimeric but not in a monomeric...