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  1. Economic Burden And Health-Related Quality Of Life Of Patients With Cystic Fibrosis In Bulgaria.

    Folia Medica 57(1):56 (2015) PMID 26431096

    The aim of this study was to determine the economic burden from a societal perspective and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) in Bulgaria. We conducted a cross-sectional study of 33 patients with CF and 17 caregivers from Bulgaria. Data on socio-demograp...
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  2. NLRs Challenge Impacts Tight Junction Claudins In Sertoli Cells.

    Folia Medica 57(1):43 (2015) PMID 26431094

    The present study aims to investigate the NALP3 system and its effect on claudins in Sertoli cells using a mouse adult Sertoli cell line as a model. We focus on the Sertoli cell biology looking for the possible implications for male reproductive functions. Adult Sertoli cells were transfected wi...
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  3. Autism Spectrum Disorder - A Complex Genetic Disorder.

    Folia Medica 57(1):19 (2015) PMID 26431091

    Autism spectrum disorder is an entity that reflects a scientific consensus that several previously separated disorders are actually a single spectrum disorder with different levels of symptom severity in two core domains - deficits in social communication and interaction, and restricted repetiti...
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  4. Urothelial Carcinoma Concomitant With Malakoplakia In Non-Functioning Nephrolithic Kidneys.

    Folia Medica 57(1):78 (2015) PMID 26431100

    Nephrolithic non-functioning kidney and malakoplakia are major health problems. Kidney function cannot be fulfilled and also this leads to a high risk of development of urothelial neoplasm. We report herein a case of urothelial carcinoma concomitant with malakoplakia in non-functioning nephrolit...
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  5. Sexual Fears and Avoidant Sexual Behavior in Medical Students.

    Folia Medica 57(2):144 (2015) PMID 26933786

    Sexual fears, sometimes in the form of phobias, lead to aversive or sexually avoidant behavior blocking sexual closeness and resulting in deep personal and interpersonal distress. To determine the types of sexual fears and aversive behavior in young people of reproductive age (students) and thei...
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  6. Comparison of Directigen Flu A+B with Real Time PCR in the Diagnosis of Influenza.

    Folia Medica 57(2):104 (2015) PMID 26933779

    Early diagnosis and treatment of patients with influenza is the reason why physicians need rapid high-sensitivity influenza diagnostic tests that require no complex lab equipment and can be performed and interpreted within 15 min. The Aim of this study was to compare the rapid Directigen Flu A+B...
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  7. Acute Poisoning with Dapsone and Olanzapine: Severe Methemoglobinemia and Coma with a Favourable Outcome.

    Folia Medica 57(2):122 (2015) PMID 26933782

    Dapsone is a drug commonly used in the treatment of leprosy. In Europe it is rarely prescribed, mostly for the treatment of skin diseases such as dermatitis herpetiformis. Poisoning with dapsone is rare and reports of such cases are of interest for toxicological practice. We describe the only ac...
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  8. The Acute Effect of the Antioxidant Drug U-74389G on Red Blood Cell Distribution Width Levels During Hypoxia Reoxygenation Injury in Rats.

    Folia Medica 57(3-4):235 (2015) PMID 27180351

    The AIM of this experimental study was to evaluate the effect of the antioxidant drug "U-74389G" in a rat model of hypoxia reoxygenation (HR) using the previously established protocol. Effects of treatment were evaluated by mean red blood cell distribution width (RDW) levels. 40 rats of a mean w...
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  9. Polypharmacy May Be the Cause of Acute Lithium Intoxication at the Second Day of Treatment.

    Folia Medica 57(3-4):261 (2015) PMID 27180355

    Lithium is frequently used as a mood stabilizer in patients with mood disorders. Lithium has a narrow therapeutic index and high toxicity. Predisposing factors for intoxication are advanced age, diet disturbances, comorbid medical conditions affecting heart, kidneys or central nervous system and...
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  10. Selection Of The Optimal Level Of Distal Fixation For Correction Of Scheuermann's Hyperkyphosis.

    Folia Medica 57(1):29 (2015) PMID 26431092

    To analyze the efficacy of the method for selecting the distal level of fusion in treatment of thoracic hyperkyphosis in patients with Scheuermann's disease. The fusion area needs to include all the kyphotic deformity in Scheuermann patients; however, precise levels of the distal fixation have n...
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  11. Role Of Vitamin D And Adipose Tissue Hormones In Women With Reproductive Disorders.

    Folia Medica 57(1):5 (2015) PMID 26431089

    The role of vitamin D beyond that it plays in bone metabolism and calcium homeostasis has been lately quite emphasized. In this respect, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and reproductive disorders. Growing evidence has sugge...
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  12. Abstracts from the XXII National Congress of the Bulgarian Anatomical Society with International Participation, June 5-6, 2015, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
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    Folia Medica 57 Suppl 2:6 (2015) PMID 26285308

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  13. Abstracts from the Anniversary Scientific Conference 'Science for Health', May 20-22, 2015, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
    Author(s) unavailable

    Folia Medica 57 Suppl 1:9 (2015) PMID 26285307

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  14. Neurotrophic Factor Receptors trkB and trkC in Experimental Model of Lesion in Rat Brain Structures in Schizophrenia.

    Folia Medica 57(2):111 (2015) PMID 26933780

    The maldevelopmental model of schizophrenia postulates pathological alterations in embryonal neurogenesis as the etiopathogenetic basis of schizophrenic psychoses. The neurotrophic factor hypothesis explains these neuropathological abnormalities as the result of alterations of the neurotrophin s...
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  15. Impact Of Dental Anxiety On The Decision To Have Implant Treatment.

    Folia Medica 57(2):116 (2015) PMID 26933781

    Dental implants are increasingly used in modern dentistry as anchors for prosthetic restorations. Anxiety is a complex phenomenon which can become a risk factor for suppression of many functions of the body. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect dental anxiety exerts on the choice ...
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  16. Discrepancies between Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography and Fluorescein Angiography in Detecting Uveitic Macular Edema.

    Folia Medica 57(3-4):207 (2015) PMID 27180347

    To compare spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) with fluorescein angiography (FA) in detecting macular edema in patients with uveitis and analyse discrepancies in the findings obtained by the two methods. The study included 133 eyes from 117 patients with uveitis that had SD-OCT...
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  17. Application of Ultrasonic Devices in Management of Periodontal Lesions - Bone Response in a Case of a Tooth with Poor Treatment Prognosis.

    Folia Medica 57(3-4):257 (2015) PMID 27180354

    Surgical treatment of odontogenic jaw cysts may include one of the following four basic methods: enucleation, marsupialization, staged combination of marsupialization and enucleation, or enucleation with curettage. Enucleation/cystectomy, alone or combined with other procedures, is the preferred...
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  18. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis - Dermoscopic Findings And Cryotherapy.

    Folia Medica 57(1):65 (2015) PMID 26431097

    We present a 60-year-old male patient who, three months after a holiday in Southern Greece, found a small 'pimple' on his back, which gradually got as big as a small walnut, the central part becoming ulcerated and scabby. Dermatological examination found an erythematous-to-livid nodular lesion o...
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  19. Thoracic Meningioma In Combination With Severe Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Presenting With Atypical Neurological Deficit.

    Folia Medica 57(1):69 (2015) PMID 26431098

    We report on a case of a 47-year-old female patient with a long history of low back pain irradiating bilaterally to the legs. Twenty days before admission to our clinic, she had developed progressive weakness in the legs, more pronounced on the left side. The initial neurological examination rev...
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  20. Reconstruction Of Glenoid Bone Deficiency With Porous Titanium Nickelide In Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Instability.

    Folia Medica 57(1):37 (2015) PMID 26431093

    One of the main causes of recurrent shoulder instability is a bone defect of the front edge of the glenoid. The available techniques for reconstruction of this bone defect, however, have some disadvantages. The aim of this study was to develop a new method that can reduce the number of postopera...
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