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  1. [Not Available]. FAU - Arquiola, E

    Asclepio 30-31:63 (1978) PMID 11628444

  2. [Not Available]. FAU - Ferreira Almeida, C A

    Asclepio 26-27:383 (1974) PMID 11627168

  3. [To the study of conventual health in the beginning of 19th century: the pharmacies].

    Asclepio 63(1):123 (2011) PMID 21972472

    We aim to study those places using records obtained from a variety of Religious Houses with no regional or Religious Order preferences. We will try to give answers to questions related to that spaces such as 'Which objects could be found inside the Houses?'; 'Were they properly equipped?'; and 'Were...
  4. [Spanish scientific expeditions in the 19th and 20th centuries in the archives of the National Museum of Natural Sciences].

    Asclepio 53(2):69 (2001) PMID 17668511

  5. [End-century metaphors of biological decline: degeneration and revolution in Spanish anarchism, 1872-1914].

    Asclepio 51(1):247 (1999) PMID 19388194

  6. [The transmission of knowledge in the Old Regime: Joseph Severo y López's teaching].

    Asclepio 46(1):177 (1994) PMID 11640476

    The author analyzes the educational activities of doctor Joseph Severo y Lopez, one of the main representatives of the Royal Studies of Practical Medicine of Madrid and a figure who has been little known so far due to the scarce data available about his life and work. The report is divided in a ser...
  7. [From manuscript to early printing press: the work of the editor Francesc Argilagues (fl. ca. 1470-1508) in the Italian medical Renaissance]...

    Asclepio 43(1):3 (1991) PMID 11629830

  8. [The epidemic of tertian ague of 1786 in the old province of Toledo].

    Asclepio 43(1):267 (1991) PMID 11629829

  9. [Prostitution and urban space: on the medicalization of the "mala vida" in Buenos Aires (1900-1920)].

    Asclepio 42(2):211 (1990) PMID 11629782

  10. [Adamic conception of melancholy in Hildegard of Bingen].

    Asclepio 41(1):191 (1989) PMID 11638120