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  1. [Debating Darwin in Spain: anti-Darwinian evolutionary theories and modern synthesis].

    Asclepio 61(2):101 (2009) PMID 21032941

    Centenary celebrations of Darwin's birth were held in Valencia and Lorca in 1909. Fifty years later, the meetings and the publications of the Spanish scientific community on the occasion of the centenary of the publication of "On the Origin of Species" showed a proximity and an acceptance towards th...
  2. [Not Available]. FAU - Arquiola, E

    Asclepio 30-31:63 (1978) PMID 11628444

  3. [Not Available]. FAU - Ferreira Almeida, C A

    Asclepio 26-27:383 (1974) PMID 11627168

  4. [Darwinism and the meaning of "meaning"].

    Asclepio 61(2):177 (2009) PMID 21032944

    The problem of the meaning of life is herewith contemplated from a Darwinian perspective. It is argued how factors such as existential depression, the concern about the meaning of "meaning," the problem of evil, death as the end of our personal identity, happiness as an unachievable goal, etc. may w...
  5. [On machines and instruments (II): the world in the eye of the work of E. T. A. Hoffmann].

    Asclepio 60(2):207 (2008) PMID 19618545

    Continuing with the subject of the previous work, this article considers the whole series of problems connected to the question of vision provoked by the mere existence of the body of the automaton. The eyes of the android and, above all, the reactions aroused by looking at these human-shaped machin...
  6. [Gardens on paper: the theory and scholarship of gardens in Spain in the 19th century].

    Asclepio 51(1):129 (1999) PMID 19388185

  7. [The discovery of the tropics: Williams College's expedition to Venezuela in 1867].

    Asclepio 46(2):197 (1994) PMID 11640388

    Myer's expedition to Venezuela passed unnoticed for U.S. intellectual circles in the 19th century. Although Humboldt's work made it known scientifically, the country remains today terra incognita in some respects, such as the knowledge of her natural resources. Venezuela's political and economic con...
  8. [The library of the Royal College of San Fernando of Madrid (1806-1843)].

    Asclepio 44(2):193 (1992) PMID 11630136

  9. [Purging and catharsis: an ambiguous literary theme in Golden Age literature].

    Asclepio 42(1):281 (1990) PMID 11629916

  10. [Orbital screening and osteoporosis in paleopathology].

    Asclepio 42(1):365 (1990) PMID 11629921