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Annals of Saudi Medicine

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  1. Oro-cranial penetrating pencil injury.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine (2012) PMID 22617432

    Oro-cranial penetrating injuries are often seen in ear, nose and throat practices. Cases of penetrated pencil injuries are rarely reported despite being common in the developing world. A 7-year-old boy referred from a neighboring hospital was playing at school with the sharp end of a...
  2. Evaluating "superiority", "equivalence" and "non-inferiority" in clinical trials.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 27(4):284 (2007) PMID 17684429

    Clinical studies are usually performed with the aim of justifying that a new treatment approach is "superior" to the common standard approach (active control) with respect to benefits. In a general sense, this justification is carried out on the basis of the "null hypothesis significance test" with...
  3. Simple excision alone versus simple excision plus mitomycin C in the treatment of pterygium.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 27(3):158 (2007) PMID 17568165

    The mean age of the subjects was 49+/-13 years in group 1 and 47+/-17 years in group 2. The clinical manifestations in these two groups were similar (P>0.05). After one year, relapse was seen in 21 cases (21%) in group 1 and in 3 cases (1%) in group 2. After five years, 31 cases (31%) in group 1 and...
  4. Osteopenia and osteoporosis in two children with Grave's disease.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 21(5-6):353 (2001) PMID 17261949

  5. Normal reference values for hematological parameters, red cell indices, HB A2 and HB F from early childhood through adolescence in Saudis.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 21(3-4):165 (2001) PMID 17264543

    No significant differences were observed in the red cell count in the male and female children. White blood cells gradually decreased from 2 years onwards, while hemoglobin and hematocrit levels increased significantly from 2 to 15 years. Mean cell volume and mean cell hemoglobin also showed slight...
  6. Intrathoracic foregut duplication cysts in neonates.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 21(3-4):206 (2001) PMID 17264554

  7. What's your diagnosis? Subserosal uterine lipoleiomyoma fortuitously associated with endometrial carcinoma.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 21(3-4):251 (2001) PMID 17264569

  8. Clinical aspects of malaria in the Asir Region, Saudi Arabia.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 18(1):15 (1998) PMID 17341908

    Three hundred and thirty-four cases of confirmed malaria seen in the Asir Central Hospital, Abha, in southwestern Saudi Arabia, were studied retrospectively. Two hundred and eighty-two of these (84.4%) were Saudis and the majority (72.2%) were living in the lowlands of Tihama. Transmission was found...
  9. Prevalence of HBsAg and ANTI-HCV in Saudi blood donors.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 18(1):60 (1998) PMID 17341920

  10. Flavobacterium meningosepticum in ICUs.

    Annals of Saudi Medicine 18(1):84 (1998) PMID 17341928