Surface and Coatings Technology

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  1. Plasma enhanced paste aluminizing of Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn–1B with Al–Si alloys

    Surface and Coatings Technology 283:10 (2015)

    Ti–45Al–2Nb–2Mn–1B was plasma enhanced paste aluminized at 800°C for 30min with Al–Si alloys, to investigate the effect of silicon on the structure of coatings and oxidation compounds. Optical and electron microscopy revealed fine and coarse particles of blocky and plate like or needle...
  2. Growth and internal microstructure of micro-arc oxidized MgO-based nanocomposite coating

    Surface and Coatings Technology 283:1 (2015)

    In this study, AZ31B magnesium alloy specimens were studied with both nanocrystallized and coarse-grained surfaces. Nanocrystallization was made by using the Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (SMAT). Then, micro-arc oxidation process was performed on both surface treated and untre...
  3. Study on morphological and structural properties of silver plating on laser etched silicon

    Surface and Coatings Technology 283:22 (2015)

    The immersion-plating method for the preparation of silver nanoparticles is highly selected because it has the virtue of simplicity and lower cost. Silver nanoparticles features deposition onto a porous silicon (PSi) layer from aqueous solutions of two silver salt (AgNO3) concentration...
  4. Metallurgical bond between magnesium AZ91 alloy and aluminium plasma sprayed coatings

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:163 (2015)

    We report on creation of metallurgic bond between AZ91 magnesium alloy and aluminium plasma sprayed coatings which has been so far observed only after additional surface treatments. High-enthalpy plasma spray process employing water-stabilized plasma torch was used to spray commerciall...
  5. Noble metals role in autocatalytic phosphate coatings on TAV alloys. I.Ag functionalization of autocatalytic phosphate deposition on TAV alloys

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:171 (2015)

    The autocatalytic route was created using AgCl similar to PdCl2 to develop calcium phosphate layer on Ti6Al4V (TAV) substrates as previously demonstrated by the present authors. Alkaline (NaOH)-treatment and heat regimes were performed to render the surfaces susceptible to deposition. ...
  6. Microstructure and transmission electron microscopy characterization of electroless Ni–B thin films deposited on MWCNTs

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:107 (2015)

    In this work we report on the Ni–B electroless coating of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). Characterization was carried out using scanning electron microscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy and thermogravimetric analysis. Pr...
  7. Microstructural analysis and thermal shock behavior of plasma sprayed ceria-stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coatings with micro and nano Al2O3 as a third layer

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:129 (2015)

    In this study, thermal shock behavior of three types of atmospheric plasma sprayed ceria-stabilized zirconia (CSZ) thermal barrier coatings was evaluated: usual CSZ, layer composite of CSZ/Micro Al2O3 and layer composite of CSZ/Nano Al2O3 in which Al2O3 was used as a top coat on CSZ la...
  8. Structural, mechanical and tribological properties of pulsed DC magnetron sputtered TiN–WSx/TiN bilayer coating

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:24 (2015)

    Hard-lubricious composite coatings of TiN–WSx with pure TiN under layer were deposited by pulsed DC closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering in Ar and N2 mixed environment from separate Ti and WS2 targets. The effect of WSx content on the structural, mechanical and tribological pro...
  9. Preparation and characterization of osmium films on quartz substrate by magnetron sputtering method

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:1 (2015)

    Micron-thick osmium films were deposited on quartz substrates with a pulsed −200V bias using magnetron sputtering method. Application of ~100nm Ti buffer layer resulted in successful deposition of as thick as ~3μm Os films. Structure and morphology of the films were studied in terms of...
  10. Formation and characterization of uniform SiC coating on 3-D graphite substrate using halide activated pack cementation method

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:61 (2015)

    Protective coatings are required for enhanced performance of carbon base materials for application in an oxidizing environment. Studies were carried out to uniformly coat SiC over the graphite substrate, using halide activated pack cementation (HAPC) method. Experimental results reveal...
  11. Influence of pulsed bias duty cycle variations on structural and mechanical properties of arc evaporated (Al,Cr)2O3 coatings

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:43 (2015)

    (AlxCr1−x)2O3 coatings were synthesised by cathodic arc evaporation applying DC and pulsed substrate bias voltages to study the impact of different bias duty cycle settings on structure and morphology as well as mechanical and tribological properties. X-ray diffraction revealed a corun...
  12. Tuning the band gap and nitrogen content of ZnOxNy thin films deposited by reactive HiPIMS

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:103 (2015)

    We show that it is possible to manipulate the stoichiometry and composition of the thin films deposited by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) by the design of the discharge pulsing scheme. This is illustrated for the case of the short-pulse HiPIMS of a pure Zn ta...
  13. Anticorrosive property of Al coatings on sintered NdFeB substrates via plasma assisted physical vapor deposition method

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:86 (2015)

    An Al coating was achieved on NdFeB substrate via plasma assisted physical vapor deposition method. The coatings were treated with trivalent chromium passivation and were characterized by a scanning electron microscope equipped with an energy dispersive spectrometer. The adhesive stren...
  14. Fabrication of CrSi2/MoSi2/SiC–Mo2C gradient composite coating on Mo substrate and the stabilizing effect of Cr on the coating's anti-oxidation properties

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:188 (2015)

    A multilayer CrSi2/MoSi2/SiC–Mo2C composite anti-oxidation coating was in-situ prepared on Mo substrate by a three-step pack cementation method. Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) tests indicated that the coating was composed of CrSi2, MoSi2, SiC and Mo2C....
  15. Enhanced surface properties of austenitic stainless steel by electropulsing-assisted ultrasonic surface rolling process

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:149 (2015)

    The present work reports the experimental observations of surface property enhancement for austenitic stainless steel treated by electropulsing-assisted ultrasonic surface rolling process (EP-USRP). Compared with the original ultrasonic surface rolling process (USRP), the introduction ...
  16. Investigations on the wear mechanisms of electroless Ni–B coating during dry sliding and endurance life of the worn surfaces

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:6 (2015)

    The purpose of the work was to elucidate wear behavior and its mechanisms on electroless Ni–B coatings and to evaluate their endurance life during dry sliding at different normal loads (5 to 60N) and sliding distances (100 to 700m). An alkaline bath having borohydride was used to apply...
  17. Mechanical properties and phases determination of low carbon steel oxide scales formed at 1200 °C in air

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:155 (2015)

    In this study, low carbon steel oxides were obtained at different temperatures between 800°C and 1200°C in air. The surface roughness values of these oxides were found to be significantly dependent on the oxidation temperature. The phase identification of the oxides formed in the labor...
  18. Investigation of MgO effect on bioactivity of coatings produced by MAO

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:52 (2015)

    In this study, a Ti6Al4V alloy surface commonly used in the human body for load-bearing prostheses was modified by micro arc oxidation (MAO) to produce magnesium (Mg)-integrated titanium oxide with varying Mg contents, the presence of which is known to promote bone formation and prolif...
  19. Effect of bilayer period on structural and mechanical properties of nanocomposite TiAlN/MoN multilayer films synthesized by cathodic arc ion-plating

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:94 (2015)

    TiAlN/MoN multilayers were deposited on Si (100) and cemented carbide substrates using TiAl and Mo targets in a cathodic arc ion plating system with 1-fold rotation. The bilayer thickness (Λ) of all the layers was controlled via rotational speed of substrate holder within a rage of 21 ...
  20. Characterization of microstructural, mechanical and optical properties of TiO 2 layers deposited by GIMS and PMS methods

    Surface and Coatings Technology 282:16 (2015)

    This paper describes the influence of the kinetic energy preservation of gas phase particles in coating growing. The model material (TiO2) was synthesized applying two techniques: pulsed magnetron sputtering and, lately developed, gas injection magnetron sputtering. The two deposition ...