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Surface and Coatings Technology

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  1. Effect of cathode composition and nitrogen pressure on macroparticle generation and type of arc discharge in a DC arc source with Ti–Al compound cathodes

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:20 (2015)

    Thin films deposited with unfiltered DC arc plasma from Ti, Ti0.75Al0.25, Ti0.50Al0.50, Ti0.30Al0.70, and Al cathodes were characterized with a scanning electron microscope for quantification of extent of macroparticle incorporation. Depositions were performed in N2 atmosphere in the p...
  2. Microstructure evolution of a 55 wt.% Al–Zn coating on press hardening steel during rapid heating

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:35 (2015)

    The surface alloying of 55wt.% Al–Zn coated press hardening steel during a press hardening heat treatment was evaluated. Austenitization resulted in the formation of a surface layer containing FeAl and Fe2Al5. The use of an increased heating rate during the austenitization cycle result...
  3. PVD-grown antibacterial Ag-TiN films on piezoelectric PVDF substrates for sensor applications

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:117 (2015)

    This work reports on Ti1−xAgx and Ag-TiNx electrodes deposited by dc/pulsed dc magnetron sputtering at room temperature on poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) with the purpose of developing sensors for prosthesis. In Ti1−xAgx electrodes, silver content was varied from 0–100at.%; and for ...
  4. Preparation and characterization of dopamine-induced biomimetic hydroxyapatite coatings on the AZ31 magnesium alloy

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:82 (2015)

    Mg alloys have great potential in biodegradable orthopedic implant applications owing to their rapid degradation in physiological environments and mechanical properties similar to those of bone. However, the extremely high corrosion rate of magnesium alloys has also restricted their me...
  5. Electrochemical and adhesion properties of hydrothermally deposited nano-ZrO2 coatings on oxide layers of stainless steel

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:98 (2015)

    ZrO2 coatings on pre-oxidized stainless steel (304L) surfaces have been developed by hydrothermal process and the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance properties of the coated specimens have been studied. The role of pre-oxidized SS surfaces composed of different oxides like spine...
  6. Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of in situ synthesized TiC–TiB2/CoCrCuFeNi high entropy alloy coatings

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:109 (2015)

    The aim of this paper was to explore a one-step in situ method to synthesize the TiC–TiB2 reinforced CoCrCuFeNi high entropy alloy composite coatings. In this method, the composite coatings were prepared by plasma transferred arc cladding process using Ti, B4C, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, and Ni p...
  7. Scanning transmission electron microscopy analysis of substrate/coating interfacial regions on AA2024-T3 after blister formation

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:51 (2015)

    The corrosion of AA2024-T3 with a trivalent Cr process (TCP) conversion coating and Pr-based primer was investigated through the application of novel sample preparation and high-magnification scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) techniques. Electrochemical impedance spectro...
  8. High vacuum arc ion plating NiCrAlY coatings: Bias effect and approach to preparation of functional gradient coatings

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:44 (2015)

    The substrate bias effects on high vacuum arc ion plating (HV-AIP) of NiCrAlY coatings on superalloy were investigated at the vacuum level of 10−3–10−4Pa, which are 2–3 orders in magnitude better than that of conventional low vacuum arc ion plating (LV-AIP). The negative bias applied t...
  9. Microstructure and mechanical properties of carbon–carbon composites modified by reactive diffusion treatment in niobium powder

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:76 (2015)

    Refractory carbide coatings are primary candidate materials for improving the high-temperature performance of carbon fiber-reinforced carbon matrix composite (C/C composites). In this paper, a niobium carbide coating was grown on the C/C composite surface employing a Powder Immersion R...
  10. Improving photocatalytic Rhodamine B degrading activity with Pt quantum dots on TiO2 nanotube arrays

    Surface and Coatings Technology 281:89 (2015)

    Well-dispersed Pt quantum dots (QDs) with an average diameter of 2nm were homogeneously decorated on TiO2 nanotube arrays (TNTAs) by a modified photo irradiation–reduction method. The effect of the precursor concentration between 0.3mM and 2.0mM on the decorated Pt QD content was inves...