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Surface and Coatings Technology

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  1. Enhanced field emission properties of PECVD synthesized chlorine doped diamond like carbon thin films

    Surface and Coatings Technology 253:1 (2014)

    Chlorine doped diamond like carbon (DLC) has been deposited for the first time on both Si and glass substrate by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition using acetylene and carbon tetrachloride as the source for carbon and chlorine respectively. The Chlorine concentration is varied from...
  2. Suppression effect of decarburization by dry-ice blasting on plasma-sprayed steel coatings: Structure, wear performance and magnetic propert...

    Surface and Coatings Technology 253:44 (2014)

    Steel coatings prepared by atmospheric thermal spraying with dry-ice blasting were studied in terms of phase structure, magnetic and wear behaviors. It was found that dry-ice blasting could suppress the volatilization of carbon during spraying process due to the exclusion effect of carbon...
  3. The adhesion and corrosion resistance of Ti–O films on CoCrMo alloy fabricated by high power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HPPMS)

    Surface and Coatings Technology 252:8 (2014)

    In order to explore the potential application on cardiovascular stent, titanium oxide films were fabricated on CoCrMo alloy substrate by high power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HPPMS). The effect of Ti interlayer and thickness of Ti–O film on the film adhesion was investigated by the scrat...
  4. Atmospheric plasma synthesized PEG coatings: non-fouling biomaterials showing protein and cell repulsion

    Surface and Coatings Technology 252:126 (2014)

    We developed two original methods to obtain such coatings at atmospheric pressure, in which tetra(ethylene glycol) dimethyl ether (tetraglyme) is injected either as a liquid or as a vapor, in the post-discharge of a RF torch. These are referred to as atmospheric pressure plasma liquid deposition (AP...
  5. Anodization of NiTi alloy in an ethylene glycol electrolyte

    Surface and Coatings Technology 252:142 (2014)

    In this paper, anodization of NiTi was carried out in a viscous fluorine ion containing ethylene glycol electrolyte, with the objective of investigating the influence of anodization conditions on the surface properties. The surface morphologies and chemical compositions of the anodized NiT...
  6. Chitosan/carbonated hydroxyapatite composite coatings: Fabrication, structure and biocompatibility

    Surface and Coatings Technology 251:210 (2014)

    Chitosan/carbonated hydroxyapatite composite coatings (CCHCs) were fabricated according to the following steps: (i) preparation of calcium carbonate coatings (CCCs) on Ti6Al4V substrates by electrophoretic deposition; (ii) transformation of CCCs into carbonated hydroxyapatite coatings (CHA...
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    Surface and Coatings Technology 248:IFC (2014)

  8. Amorphous AlPO4coating formed on titanium alloy for high temperature oxidation protection: Oxidation kinetics and microstructure

    Surface and Coatings Technology 252:134 (2014)

    Amorphous AlPO4 based ceramic coatings with 13μm thick were prepared on Ti–6Al–2Zr–1Mo–1V titanium alloy surface using amorphous aluminum phosphate as a binder and Al2O3/Cr2O3 based mixing particles as the fillers. The phase composition and microstructure of the coated samples before and a...
  9. Synergistic effect of V and Mn oxyanions for the corrosion protection of anodized aerospace aluminum alloy

    Surface and Coatings Technology 252:35 (2014)

    In the present study sulphuric acid anodized oxide layer was sealed with permanganate (MnO) and permanganate–vanadate (MnVO) ions. The effect of the incorporation of these oxyanions on the corrosion performance of plain oxide layer (PO) was investigated by various characterization techniqu...
  10. Film deposition using 1-inch-sized HIPIMS system — Toward minimal fabrication semiconductor production system

    Surface and Coatings Technology 250:26 (2014)

    A copper film was coated using a high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS) source with a target diameter of 25.4mm. This process is a coating process for a half-inch-scaled semiconductor manufacturing system. To realize the stable plasma production, the following issues were conside...