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  1. Meeting the challenges of an aging workforce.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):269 (2008) PMID 18271000

    Demographic, labor market and economic forces are combining to produce increases in the number and percentage of U.S. workers 55 and older. In some ways these workers will be our most skilled and productive employees but in others the most vulnerable. The literature on aging and work was reviewe...
  2. Job strain predicts survey response in healthcare industry workers.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):281 (2008) PMID 18247321

    To examine the effect of job strain on survey response. 1,613 health care workers received a self-administered questionnaire. Thirty percent of them completed the survey on personal time without any personal monetary compensation. Working conditions were extracted by job title from the national ...
  3. Occupational risk factors for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: a population-based case-control study in Northern Germany.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):258 (2008) PMID 18213641

    To identify occupational factors associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). A population-based case-control study was conducted in which incident cases of high-malignancy NHL (NHL(high)), low-malignancy NHL (NHL(low)), and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) were ascertained during the period ...
  4. Evaluation of a community-based effort to reduce blueberry harvesting injury.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):307 (2008) PMID 18247320

    Harvesting of blueberries is associated with musculoskeletal injury. This study assessed the effects of several alternative designs of the harvesting rake. A community-based work team selected rake design for intervention and pilot tested potential design modifications to the blueberry harvestin...
  5. Population-based research on occupational and environmental factors for leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: the Northern Germany Leukemia and Lymphoma Study (NLL).

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):246 (2008) PMID 18270999

    The Northern Germany Leukemia and Lymphoma Study (NLL) is a population-based study designed to provide a quantitative basis for investigations into occupational and environmental risk factors for leukemia and lymphoma. All incident cases of leukemia and lymphoma diagnosed between 1/1/1986 and 12...
  6. Mortality among U.S. underground coal miners: a 23-year follow-up.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):231 (2008) PMID 18247381

    The mortality experience over 22-24 years of 8,899 working coal miners initially medically examined in 1969-1971 at 31 U.S. coal mines was evaluated. A cohort life-table analysis was undertaken on underlying causes of death, and proportional hazards models were fitted to both underlying, and und...
  7. Spontaneous abortion and maternal work in greenhouses.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):290 (2008) PMID 18247322

    A positive association between maternal occupational exposure to pesticide and spontaneous abortion has been reported in some studies. Work in greenhouses may imply exposure of pregnant women to pesticides continuously and at elevated level. A total of 717 women working in greenhouses provided i...
  8. Decreased lung function among employees at Norwegian smelters.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(4):296 (2008) PMID 18213638

    In the smelting industry airborne pollutants are emitted into the workplace atmosphere during the production process. Our aim in this study was to investigate the relationship between production and lung function among employees at Norwegian smelters. Spirometry was performed on 3,924 employees,...
  9. Relationship between induced sputum cytology and inflammatory status with lung structural and functional abnormalities in asbestosis.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):186 (2008) PMID 18213643

    Asbestosis is associated with lung cellular and immunological abnormalities. Induced sputum cytology and local and systemic markers of inflammation may be helpful to characterize disease status and progression in these patients. Thirty-nine ex-workers with asbestosis on high-resolution CT (HRCT)...
  10. Self report of skin problems among farmworkers in North Carolina.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):204 (2008) PMID 18181182

    This study estimates the prevalence of self-reported skin problems among Latino farmworkers and identifies associated risk factors. The study used a longitudinal surveillance design. Participants were interviewed up to five times and reported skin problems and personal, work, and environment cha...
  11. Optimizing BeLPT criteria for beryllium sensitization.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):166 (2008) PMID 18181198

    The beryllium lymphocyte proliferation test (BeLPT) is used to identify persons sensitized to beryllium. ATSDR convened an expert panel of physicians and scientists in April 2006 to discuss this test and to consider what BeLPT test results actually establish beryllium sensitization. The three cr...
  12. Would a "one-handed" scientist lack rigor? How scientists discuss the work-relatedness of musculoskeletal disorders in formal and informal communications.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):173 (2008) PMID 18203144

    When research results concerning occupational health are expressed ambiguously, compensation and prevention can be affected. This study examined the language used by scientists to discuss the relation between work and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Language regarding work and MSDs in twenty a...
  13. Green tobacco sickness and skin integrity among migrant Latino farmworkers.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):195 (2008) PMID 18181197

    Green tobacco sickness (GTS) affects approximately one-quarter of tobacco workers. The primary aim of this analysis is to expand existing knowledge of GTS risk factors by delineating the association of measures of skin integrity with the prevalence of GTS among Latino farmworkers. Data are from ...
  14. Quality control chart method for analyzing PEF variability in occupational asthma.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):223 (2008) PMID 18219637

    Asthma is the most common occupational respiratory disorder in the industrialized world. In this research we investigated the effectiveness of quality control chart as a method to explore the work-relatedness of asthma using peak expiratory flow (PEF) as the variable of interest. PEF measurement...
  15. The national study to prevent blood exposure in paramedics: exposure reporting.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):213 (2008) PMID 18213637

    This survey was conducted to provide national incidence rates and risk factors for exposure to blood among paramedics. The present analysis assesses reporting of exposures to employers. A questionnaire was mailed in 2002-2003 to a national sample of paramedics selected using a two-stage design. ...
  16. Vocal cord dysfunction in former World Trade Center (WTC) rescue and recovery workers and volunteers.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(3):161 (2008) PMID 18213642

    Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) is a condition characterized by paradoxical partial adduction of the vocal cords on inspiration. It has been associated with exposures to irritants, as well as with psychological illnesses and conditions. Workers who participated in the recovery of the WTC disaster s...
  17. Occupation and breast cancer risk among Shanghai women in a population-based cohort study.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(2):100 (2008) PMID 18067183 PMCID PMC2886981

    A total of 74,942 female subjects were recruited in a population-based cohort study in Shanghai, China between 1997 and 2000. We examined the relationship between occupation and breast cancer risk. Cases were 586 women previously diagnosed with breast cancer at baseline and 438 women newly diagn...
  18. A comparison of "Train-the-Trainer" and expert training modalities for hearing protection use in construction.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(2):130 (2008) PMID 18067179

    Few assessments have been conducted on the impact of a "Train-the-Trainer" (T3) approach for training delivery. The present study compared the effectiveness of a noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) prevention training delivered using "Train-the-Trainer" and expert trainer modalities. Participating...
  19. How many deaths will it take? A death from asthma associated with work-related environmental tobacco smoke.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(2):111 (2008) PMID 18067177

    Despite epidemiologic, experimental and observational data on the association of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and adverse health effects, bar and restaurant workers remain exposed to ETS in the majority of states and countries. Three public health surveillance systems were used to identify ...
  20. Occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis due to molds in an onion and potato sorter.

    American Journal of Industrial Medicine 51(2):117 (2008) PMID 18161826

    A 42-year-old female non-smoking onion and potato sorter developed work-related shortness of breath, cough, fatigue and flu-like symptoms. The diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis was based on patchy infiltrates in both lungs on high resolution computed tomography and lymphocytosis of 71% i...