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  1. NATURAL HISTORY OF RETINOPATHY OF PREMATURITY: Two-Year Outcomes of a Prospective Study.

    Retina 35(1):141 (2015) PMID 25170854

    Our hospital-based study reveals an earlier postmenstrual age of developing ROP in this Asian population than in the Early Treatment for ROP study. Infants with birth weight over 1,250 g could still develop treatment-requiring ROP. Suboptimal oxygen control, different genetic dispositions among diff...
  2. Reply.

    Retina 29(7):1054 (2009) PMID 19584667

  3. Erratum
    Author(s) unavailable

    Retina 28(9):1374 (2008)

  4. Reply.

    Retina 28(6):912 (2008) PMID 18536616

  5. Correspondence

    Retina 28(4):666 (2008)

  6. Comparison of chord length and scleral arc length when placing sutures for episcleral exoplants.

    Retina 5(4):225 (1985) PMID 3915138

    We derived a formula to compare the chord length and scleral arc length, when using calipers to measure the distance for suture placement, during retinal reattachment surgery. The scleral arc length is slightly longer than the chord length (caliper setting). The difference is 0.16 mm (2.0%) for an 8...
  7. Controlled drainage of subretinal and choroidal fluid.

    Retina 5(4):233 (1985) PMID 3835619

    Controlled drainage of subretinal fluid is achieved using a 25-gauge needle, passed obliquely through the sclera. This reduces the risk of choroidal hemorrhage and retinal incarceration.
  8. Regression of uveal malignant melanomas following cobalt-60 plaque. Correlates between acoustic spectrum analysis and tumor regression.

    Retina 5(2):73 (1985) PMID 3901166

    Parameters derived from computer analysis of digital radio-frequency (rf) ultrasound scan data of untreated uveal malignant melanomas were examined for correlations with tumor regression following cobalt-60 plaque. Parameters included tumor height, normalized power spectrum and acoustic tissue type...
  9. Lymphomatoid granulomatosis with ocular involvement.

    Retina 5(2):94 (1985) PMID 4048664

    Lymphomatoid granulomatosis is an angiocentric and angiodestructive lymphoproliferative disorder that involves multiple organs including the lung, skin, kidney and central nervous system. A case of lymphomatoid granulomatosis with ocular involvement is reported herein. Bilateral peripheral retinal v...
  10. Pseudophakic retinal detachments.

    Retina 5(1):1 (1985) PMID 4001582

    Primary scleral buckling procedures were performed for rhegmatogenous retinal detachments in a consecutive series of 179 pseudophakic eyes. Most cases involved eyes in which extracapsular surgery had been combined with iridocapsular implants or posterior chamber lenses or in which iris-fixation IOLs...