Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico

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  1. [Obstetric hysterectomy in patients with accreta, increta and percreta placentae: comparison of two surgical techniques].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):209 (2016) PMID 27443097

    To analyze the maternal-fetal surgical complications techniques utilizing two obstetric hysterectomy in patients with placenta accreta, increta or percreta, in the Hospital General de Occidente, Jalisco, Mexico during the period 2011 to 2014. observational, descriptive, cross-sectional study, an...
  2. [Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma primary in breast. Literature review in relation to a case report].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):257 (2016) PMID 27443102

    Extranodal lymphoma are rare, in particular, breast non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has an impact of lower 0.5%. It is difficult to diagnose during the pre-operative period, since it can be confused with breast carcinoma. A 52 years old female patient was sent due to a lump in her left breast identified ...
  3. [Infrequent etiology inguinal tumor: Nuck channel cyst].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):265 (2016) PMID 27443103

    Cyst of Nuck is an infrequent disease originated in the inadequate obliteration of the processus vaginalis during the embrionary life of the woman. Clinically usually appears as a slowly growth inguinal tumor, painless, smooth, soft, fluctuant and irreducible. Differential diagnosis must include...
  4. [Polarized light microscopy for evaluation of oocytes as a prognostic factor in the evolution of a cycle in assisted reproduction].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):217 (2016) PMID 27443098

    Identification of the best embryos to transfer is a key element for success in assisted reproduction. In the last decade, several morphological criteria of oocytes and embryos were evaluated with regard to their potential for predicting embryo viability. The introduction of polarization light mi...
  5. [Incidence and clinical risk factors for the development of diabetes mellitus in women with previous gestational diabetes].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):228 (2016) PMID 27443099

    Gestational diabetes is considered a variant of diabetes mellitus as they share a common pathophysiological basis: insulin resistance in target and insufficient secretion of it by pancreatic p-cell bodies. Pregnancy is a unique physiological situation provides an opportunity to identify future r...
  6. [Endometrial ablation with thermal balloon, experience in a private hospital].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):201 (2016) PMID 27443096

    Traditionally, the treatment for menorrhagia includes pharmacological therapies (hormones and uterotonics) or surgical (dilatation/curettage and hysterectomy). Recently the FDA approved a non-invasive therapeutic option, known as endometrial ablation. Which it consists in a thermal balloon deliv...
  7. [The organizational structure of the gynecology and obstetrics in the country].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):2 p preceding 201 (2016) PMID 27443095

  8. [Treatment of postpartum hemorrhage with intrauterine hydrostatic condom].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):243 (2016) PMID 27443100

    To report of experience of intrauterine hydrostatic condom to control obstetric hemorrhage. Descriptive, retro-prospective study. The method was use in patients who had obstetric hemorrhage and do not responded to medical management during the period from March 1st to August27, 2015 in a rural f...
  9. [Tumor lysis syndrome in a pregnancy complicated with acute lymphoblastic leukemia].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):252 (2016) PMID 27443101

    Acute leukemia is rare during pregnancy, affects about 1 in 75,000 pregnancies, of all leukemias diagnosed only 28% are acute lymphoblastic leukemia, this is a risk factor to develop spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome, it's a oncologic complication potentially deadly if the prophylactic treatment ...
  10. [Not Available].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(4):270 (2016) PMID 27443104

  11. [Risk factors for fetal macrosomia in patients without gestational diabetes mellitus].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):164 (2016) PMID 27424442

    Fetal macrosomia is birth weight of 4,000 grams or more, regardless of gestational age, in Mexico representing about 5.4%. Associated with multiple demographic, physiological, metabolic and genetic factors of each population. Determine the risk factors associated with the development of fetal ma...
  12. [Vulvar squamous cell carcinoma in young women with HPV negative].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):172 (2016) PMID 27424443

    The vulvar cancer is the fourth more frequent neoplasia after the endometrial, cervix and ovarian cancer. Normally, it has been related to old women of ages from 70 to 80 years old. Rarely, it has been detected cases in adult or young women. However, its incidence has been increased in the last ...
  13. [Vasa praevia diagnosis during transvaginal measurement of cervical length as preventing preterm delivery in the second quarter].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):186 (2016) PMID 27424445

    Vasa praevia is a rare pregnancy complication with a high fetal mortality when not diagnosed in the prenatal period. two cases of vasa praevia diagnosed during the second trimester ultrasound cervical measurement. We propose carry out further investigation about cost effectiveness of double vagi...
  14. [Retake excelence: The challenge of INPer].
    Author(s) unavailable

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):4 p preceding 127 (2016) PMID 27424437

  15. [Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast and the impact of the p63 and cytokeratin 5/6: experience of 40 patients].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):127 (2016) PMID 27424438

    Metaplasic carcinoma of the breast was initially described by Huvos in 1974. It is a rare and aggressive entity characterized by the presence of mesenchymal and epithelial components. To know the incidence and biologic behaviour of the metaplasic carcinoma of the breast at the Instituto de Enfer...
  16. [Maternal complications in preeclamptic patients with hyperuricemia managed in Intensive Care Unit].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):143 (2016) PMID 27424440

    Hyperuricemia is a factor related to a higher frequency of complications in patients with preeclampsia. To determine maternal complications in preeclamptic patients with hyperuricemia managed in the intensive care unit of a high-specialty hospital. Cross-sectional study. Clinical files of 127 pr...
  17. [Robotic-assisted laparoscopic myomectomy and pregnancy. Case report].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):194 (2016) PMID 27424446

    Reproductive surgery preserves, enhances or restores fertility. The minimal access surgery offers many benefits in relation to open surgery. Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery is a relatively new technique in the field of gynecological surgery. A 30-year-old female patient, with primary inferti...
  18. [Mammographic and ultrasonographic BIRADS classification and its correlation with histopathologic findings].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):136 (2016) PMID 27424439

    Screening programs for breast cancer include self and clinical examination and Imaging studies to obtain the BIRADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System) grade has been described as an important tool. In México, breast cancer is the leading death cause from malignancy in women and thus an e...
  19. [Maternal serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D levels in the first trimester and adverse gestational outcomes].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):150 (2016) PMID 27424441

    Some disorders of pregnancy and newborn have been associated with vitamin D deficiency (25 (OH) D) in maternal serum. The pathophysiology of this relationship is unknown today. The aim of this study was to determine whether serum levels of vitamin D at the beginning of pregnancy are associated w...
  20. [Diagnosis of cardiac rhabdomyoma in the first trimester of pregnancy].

    Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico 84(3):180 (2016) PMID 27424444

    Rhabdomyoma is the most common cardiac tumor detected during fetal life and childhood; despite of this, its incidence is very low. cardiac rhabdomyoma diagnosed at first trimester ultrasound. Early diagnosis is important for performing further studies to detect the possible presence of associate...