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Journal of Hazardous Materials

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  1. Characterization and improved solar light activity of vanadium doped TiO2/diatomite hybrid catalysts

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:212 (2015)

    [Display omitted]
  2. Mechanism and experimental study on the photocatalytic performance of Ag/AgCl @ chiral TiO2 nanofibers photocatalyst: The impact of wastewat...

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:277 (2015)

    • The effect of wastewater matrix on Ag/AgCl based nanomaterials was investigated. • DOM acted as a reactive oxygen species scavenger....
  3. Surface acoustic wave ammonia sensor based on ZnO/SiO2 composite film

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:368 (2015)

    • A surface acoustic wave ammonia sensor based on ZnO/SiO2 composite film. • The sensor demonstrates good sensitivity and selectivity to NH3....
  4. Troxerutin protects against 2,2′,4,4′-tetrabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-47)-induced liver inflammation by attenuating oxidative stress-mediated ...

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 283:98 (2015)

    • BDE-47 promotes liver inflammation by triggering oxidative stress-induced NAD+ depletion. • Troxerutin inhibits BDE-47-induced liver inflammation via its antioxidant...
  5. Incineration of tannery sludge under oxic and anoxic conditions: Study of chromium speciation

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 283:672 (2015)

    • A tannery sludge was incinerated at oxic and anoxic conditions without any pretreatment. • Chromium speciation was investigated by monitoring Cr-bearing crystal phas...
  6. A combination of solvent extraction and freeze thaw for oil recovery from petroleum refinery wastewater treatment pond sludge

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 283:832 (2015)

    • Solvent extraction was used for oil recovery from high-moisture oily sludge. • Freeze/thaw can improve the TPH content in recovered oil from solvent extraction....
  7. Effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on the bioavailability, metabolism, and toxicity of pentachlorophenol in zebrafish larvae

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 283:897 (2015)

    • Effects of n-TiO2 on toxicity of PCP in zebrafish larvae were investigated. • Co-exposure n-TiO2 enhanced metabolism of PCP to tetrachlorohydroquinone in larvae....
  8. Two decoupling methods for non-isothermal DSC results of AIBN decomposition

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:61 (2015)

    • DSC curves of liquid-state AIBN were obtained by a solvent decoupling method. • A mathematical method was introduced to solve the coupling phenomenon by MATLAB....
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    Journal of Hazardous Materials 277:IFC (2014)

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    Journal of Hazardous Materials 275:IFC (2014)