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Journal of Hazardous Materials

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  1. Mechanism for enhanced degradation of clofibric acid in aqueous by catalytic ozonation over MnOx/SBA-15

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 286:276 (2015)

    • Clofibric acid (CA) is efficiently mineralized by O3/MnOx/SBA-15. • Adsorption of CA and its intermediates on MnOx/SBA-15 is proved unimportant....
  2. Distribution of uranium and thorium in dolomitic gravel fill and shale saprolite

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:474 (2015)

    • Dolomite gravel can remove U from acidic groundwater with high Al3+ and SO42−. • U containing amorphous basaluminite precipitates as the pH increases....
  3. Characterization and improved solar light activity of vanadium doped TiO2/diatomite hybrid catalysts

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:212 (2015)

    [Display omitted]
  4. Mechanism and experimental study on the photocatalytic performance of Ag/AgCl @ chiral TiO2 nanofibers photocatalyst: The impact of wastewat...

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:277 (2015)

    • The effect of wastewater matrix on Ag/AgCl based nanomaterials was investigated. • DOM acted as a reactive oxygen species scavenger....
  5. Surface acoustic wave ammonia sensor based on ZnO/SiO2 composite film

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:368 (2015)

    • A surface acoustic wave ammonia sensor based on ZnO/SiO2 composite film. • The sensor demonstrates good sensitivity and selectivity to NH3....
  6. Two decoupling methods for non-isothermal DSC results of AIBN decomposition

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 285:61 (2015)

    • DSC curves of liquid-state AIBN were obtained by a solvent decoupling method. • A mathematical method was introduced to solve the coupling phenomenon by MATLAB....
  7. Editorial Board
    Author(s) unavailable

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 277:IFC (2014)

  8. Editorial Board
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    Journal of Hazardous Materials 275:IFC (2014)

  9. Biosolids Engineering and Management, Handbook of Environmental Engineering, Volume 7, L.K. Wang, N.K. Shammas and Y-T Hung, eds., Humana Pr...

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 166(2-3):2 (2009)

  10. Photodegradation kinetics of formaldehyde using light sources of UVA, UVC and UVLED in the presence of composed silver titanium oxide photoc...
    Shie, Lee, and Chang

    Journal of Hazardous Materials 155(1-2):9 (2008)