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Neuroscience Letters

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  1. Blockade of high mobility group box-1 signaling via the receptor for advanced glycation end-products ameliorates inflammatory damage after acute intracerebral hemorrhage

    Neuroscience Letters 609:109 (2015)

    • RAGE, but not TLR2/4, may serve as a specific receptor for HMGB1 in acute-phase inflammation in ICH. • Blockade of HMGB1-RAGE signaling attenuates inflammatory r...
  2. Neuronal-glial populations form functional networks in a biocompatible 3D scaffold

    Neuroscience Letters 609:198 (2015)

    • We examine mixed CNS cultures in a biocompatible 3D scaffold. • We compare 3D cultures with conventional monolayer cultures. ...
  3. Caspase-dependent degradation of MDMx/MDM4 cell cycle regulatory protein in amyloid β-induced neuronal damage

    Neuroscience Letters 609:182 (2015)

    • Age-dependent reduction in MDMx levels in cholinergic neurons in Tg2576 murine model of AD. • Caspase-dependent degradation of MDMx in neurons exposed to amyloid...
  4. Cerebrospinal fluid substance P concentrations are elevated in patients with Alzheimer's disease

    Neuroscience Letters 609:58 (2015)

    • Cross-sectional study of 60 patients and 20 matched controls. • Neuropeptides were measured in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). ...
  5. Mechanism of inhibition by olanzapine of cloned hERG potassium channels

    Neuroscience Letters 609:97 (2015)

    • Olanzapine is widely used in the treatment of schizophrenia. • Olanzapine inhibited hERG in a concentration-dependent manner. ...
  6. Minocycline attenuates Aβ oligomers-induced pro-inflammatory phenotype in primary microglia while enhancing Aβ fibrils phagocytosis

    Neuroscience Letters 609:36 (2015)

    • oAβ activates murine microglia towards a proinflammatory M1 phenotype. • oAβ or LPS-induced microglial inflammatory response results in enhanced fAβ uptake. ...
  7. Enhanced blink reflex recovery in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

    Neuroscience Letters 609:7 (2015)

    • Blink reflex recovers easily and quickly in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME). • R2 components have longer durations and higher amplitudes in JME. ...
  8. Unfolded protein response is activated in aged retinas

    Neuroscience Letters 609:30 (2015)

    • We demonstrated activation of the unfolded protein response in aged retinas. • We found that the NRF2 level is dramatically reduced in aged retinas. ...
  9. The central chemosensitivity is not altered by cerebral erythropoietin

    Neuroscience Letters 609:63 (2015)

    • Cerebral erythropoietin is a potent respiratory stimulant under conditions of normoxia and hypoxia. • Cerebral erythropoietin does not contribute to the modulati...
  10. The nuclear retention of transcription factor FOXO3a correlates with a DNA damage response and increased glutamine synthetase expression by astrocytes suggesting a neuroprotective role in the ageing brain

    Neuroscience Letters 609:11 (2015)

    • Nuclear FOXO3a significantly correlates with glutamine synthetase expression. • FOXO3a nuclear localisation correlates with a DNA damage response. ...