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Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences

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  1. Diagnosis and Management of Spinal Metastasis of Glioblastoma.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):410 (2015) PMID 26310615

    When patients with cranial glioblastoma develop weakness, a rare differential diagnosis is spinal metastases. Chart and literature reviews were performed. The reported patient had delayed onset spinal drop metastasis that was only detected by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A 48-year-old patie...
  2. Cerebral Metastasis Presenting after Complete Primary Resection of Atrial Myxoma: Case Report.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):457 (2015) PMID 26446755

  3. Pituitary Infarct Masquerading as a Pituitary Abscess.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):446 (2015) PMID 26243170

  4. Thrombus Characteristics Are Related to Collaterals and Angioarchitecture in Acute Stroke.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):381 (2015) PMID 26365832

    We have theorized that clots with stasis are longer. We therefore explored the relationship between thrombus imaging characteristics on noncontrast computed tomography (NCCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with clot length and pial collaterals on baseline computed tomography angiography (C...
  5. Motor Cortex Stimulation for Neuropathic Pain: A Randomized Cross-over Trial.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):401 (2015) PMID 26324857

    Chronic motor cortex stimulation (MCS) has been used to treat medically refractory neuropathic pain over the past 20 years. We investigated this procedure using a prospective multicentre randomized blinded crossover trial. Twelve subjects with three different neuropathic pain syndromes had place...
  6. The Canadian Management of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy in Historical and Scientific Perspective, 1990-2014.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):472 (2015) PMID 26357946

    On February 11, 2015, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced that a cow born and raised in Alberta had tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease. BSE is a prion disease of cattle that, when transmitted to humans, produces a fatal neurode...
  7. Biceps Brachii Botulinum Toxin Injections: To Be or Not to Be.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):482 (2015) PMID 26334195

  8. Lidocaine for Status Epilepticus in Pediatrics.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):414 (2015) PMID 26303341

    Our goal was to perform a systematic review of the literature on the use of intravenous lidocaine in pediatrics for status epilepticus (SE) and refractory status epilepticus (RSE) to determine its impact on seizure control. All articles from MEDLINE, BIOSIS, EMBASE, Global Health, HealthStar, Sc...
  9. Diplopia and Ptosis as the Initial Manifestations of Acquired Hepatocerebral Degeneration.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):444 (2015) PMID 26277979

  10. Fourth Ventricle Choroid Plexus Xanthogranuloma Causing Hydrocephalus.

    Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 42(6):454 (2015) PMID 26327231